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Title Name Role
Miles from Home Natasha Freeman
Bis zum Hals Coco
Scarface: The World Is Yours Femme Fatale
Stomp the Yard April
"Dr. House: Words and Deeds " Amy
"All of Us: Sins of the Father " Katie
"All of Us: She Blinded Me with Science " Katie
Tödlicher Anruf Shelley Baum
Der Love Guru Prudence Roanoke
Saw V Luba
The Unborn Romy
"Cold Case: Soul " Beatrice Sloan '70
Video Girl Lorie
35 and Ticking Falinda
Jumping the Broom Blythe
Dysfunctional Friends Ms. Stevens
Roll Bounce Naomi Phillips
Venom Cece
"Kevin Hill: Losing Isn't Everything " Melanie West
"Kevin Hill: Sacrificial Lambs " Melanie West
"Kevin Hill: Cardiac Episode " Melanie West
"Kevin Hill: Occupational Hazard " Melanie West
Brick Kara
The Cookout Brittany
Street Style Beautifull
Spy Girls - D.E.B.S. Max
Ride or Die Fake Venus
"What's Up, Dad?: Graduation: Part 1 " Vanessa Scott
"What's Up, Dad?: Graduation: Part 2 " Vanessa Scott
"What's Up, Dad?: Here Comes Da Judge " Vanessa Scott
"What's Up, Dad?: Jr.'s Risky Business: Part 2 " Vanessa Scott
Deliver Us from Eva Jacqui Dandrige
"What's Up, Dad?: Jr.'s Risky Business: Part 1 " Vanessa Scott
Biker Boyz Tina
"The Jersey: The Playbook " Tamika
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: The Math Problem " Katie
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: Mentor Matt " Katie
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: First Date " Katie
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: Matt&Sarah@Gossip.com " Katie
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: Teacher Evaluations " Katie
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: The New Room " Katie
"Raising Dad - Wer erzieht wen?: Sex Ed " Katie
House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute Tina - Jon Jon's Girlfriend
"The Famous Jett Jackson: Awakenings 2 " Tara Essex
"Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter Says " Nina
"The Famous Jett Jackson: Awakenings 1 " Tara Essex
"Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich: The Parent Trap " Kara Taylor
"Cousin Skeeter: Bellboyz in the Hood " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Letter Loose " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Trading Places " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Night of the Iguana " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Radio Daze " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Coop Dreams " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Prince and the Putter " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Little Mr. Big Man on Campus " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: New Kids on the Planet: Part 1 " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: New Kids on the Planet: Part 2 " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: New Kids on the Planet: Part 3 " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Gym Dandy " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Feminine Ms. Skeet " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Car Wash " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Sugar Daddy " Nina
"Mister Funky - Die Steve-Harvey-Show: Don't Stand Too Close to Me " Alicia
"Cousin Skeeter: April Foolish " Nina
Dreimal ist einmal zu viel Buela Douglas
"Cousin Skeeter: Where's Grandma? " Nina
"Moesha: He Doth Protest Too Much " Nicole
"Cousin Skeeter: The Candidate " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Bowled Over " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Hoo, I'm Wild Wild West: Part 1 " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Hoo, I'm Wild Wild West: Part 2 " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Unchained " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Two Men and a Baby Pig " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Volcano " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Not So Great Outdoors " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Out of Control " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Jezebel " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Take Me Out to the Ballgame " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Bicycle Thief " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Dirty Laundry " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Be Like Skeeter " Nina
The Secret Life of Girls Kay
"Cousin Skeeter: The Good Stuff " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Sideshow Skeeter " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Choir Boyz " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter's Suplex " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter Stays " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Miracle on 32nd Skeet " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Apocalypse Skeeter " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: The Bother of the Bride " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Haunted House of Blues " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter's Help-a-thon " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Blast from the Past " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Doctor Skeeter " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter's House of Style " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Mo' Skeeter Blues " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Cirque Du Skeeter " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Tyrannosaurus Wrecked " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: My Dinner Without Andre " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Air Skeeter " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter's Toy Story " Nina
"Cousin Skeeter: A Family Thing " Nina
"The Parent 'Hood: Flaked Out " Ariana
"The Gregory Hines Show: Three's Not Company " Pauley
"Ein Hauch von Himmel: The Pact " Nikki
"The Parent 'Hood: No Soul on Ice " Ariana
Eve's Bayou Cisely Batiste
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: Blood for Blood " Shalona James
"Just One of the Girls" Starkeesha
"ABC Afterschool Specials: Me and My Hormones " Janie
Make a Wish, Molly Jenny
Friday Kid #2
"On Our Own: Swiss Family Jerricos " Traycee
"Chicago Soul: Birds Gotta Fly " Young Girl

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