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Title Name Role
"Dirty Sexy Money: Pilot " Juliet Darling
"Living with Fran: Plastered " Laurie
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Lions " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Italian Banker " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Chiavennasca " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Bridge " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Game " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Wedding " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Country House " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Watch " Juliet Darling
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Nutcracker " Juliet Darling
Around June June
"Dirty Sexy Money: The Facts " Juliet Darling
The Last Harbor Roxanne Hall
"How to Make It in America: Pilot " Jane
"Better with You: Better Without a Couch " Jessica
5 Souls Miranda
Rise Jenny
The Staircase Murders Caitlin Atwater
It's a Boy Girl Thing Nell Bedworth
"CSI: Miami: High Octane " Brynn Roberts
Zum Glück geküsst Maggie
"O.C., California: The Party Favor " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The College Try " Anna Stern
Stay Alive Abigail
"Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens: Obsession " Skyler Wyatt
"Entourage: Chinatown " Emily
"Entourage: Neighbors " Emily
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: You're Buggin' Me " Christine
"Entourage: New York " Emily
"Entourage: Busey and the Beach " Emily
"Entourage: The Script and the Sherpa " Emily
"Entourage: Date Night " Emily
"Entourage: Talk Show " Emily
"Entourage: The Review " Emily
"O.C., California: The Goodbye Girl " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Telenovela " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Truth " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Rivals " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Links " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Third Wheel " Anna Stern
Gramercy Park Jillene
"O.C., California: The Countdown " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Best Chrismukkah Ever " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Secret " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Homecoming " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Perfect Couple " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Heights " Anna Stern
"O.C., California: The Debut " Anna Stern
Dark Wolf Josie
Trash Gypsy
Would I Lie to You? Sophie
"Akte X - Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI: Lord of the Flies " Natalie Gordon
Nicht noch ein Teenie-Film! Kara Fratelli
"Für alle Fälle Amy: Look Closer " Angie Becker
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Sailing Away " Tasha
"That's Life: When Good Ideas Go Bad " Brittany
"Voll daneben voll im Leben: Discos and Dragons " Laurie
"Voll daneben voll im Leben: Smooching and Mooching " Laurie
"Party of Five: Taboo or Not Taboo " Meredith

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