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Title Name Role
Cosmopolis Jane Melman
"Republic of Doyle: Something Old, Something New " Tricia
Good Neighbours Louise
Die Lisa
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Lilly
What's the Harm? Marlee
The Trotsky Alexandra Leith
"Ruby Gloom: Skull in the Family " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Name That Toon " Misery
The Cradle Julie
"Ruby Gloom: Seeing Eye to Eyes " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Venus de Gloomsville " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Tooth or Dare " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Gloommates " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Broken Records " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Sunny Daze " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Misery Loves Company " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Lucky Me " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Time Flies " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Once in a Blue Luna " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Shaken, Not Scared " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Ruby Cubed " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Happy Yam Ween Ruby Gloom " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Bad Hare Day " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Skull Boys Don't Cry " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Quadrogloomia " Misery
It's a Boy Girl Thing Chanel
"Ruby Gloom: Unsung Hero " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Poe-ranoia " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Science Fair or Foul " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Iris Springs Eternal " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Missing Buns " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Doom with a View " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Grounded in Gloomsville " Misery
"Ruby Gloom: Gloomer Rumour " Misery
Couldn't Be Happier Jessica Cornwall
"Northern Town" Amanda
Snow Cake Vivienne
"6Teen: Lights Out " Starr
"This Space for Rent" Iona Goldenthal
"Carl²: C2 Loves Lorna " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Carl Bullied " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Christmas Clone " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Cry Robot " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: As Seen on TV " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Tale of Two Carls " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: A Scare to Remember " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Tree to Be C2 and Me " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Carl of the Wild " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Carl the Magnificent " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Romeo and Juliet " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Paging Dr. Carl " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: Carl, True or False " Chloe Crashman
"Carl²: The Art of Being Carl " Chloe Crashman
Cool Money Navarro Maid
"Miss Spider: The Bug Flu/A Time Telling Tale " Katie
"Miss Spider: No-See-Um Is Believin'!/A Little Bug Music " Katie Katydid
"6Teen: The Five Finger Discount " Starr
Earthsea - Die Saga von Erdsee Rosa
Blood Noelle
"Miss Spider: Country Bug-Kin/A Star Fell on Sunny Patch " Katie Katydid
"Puppets Who Kill: Prostitutes for Jesus " Sister Selma
Twist Waitress
A Problem with Fear Dot
In Shadow Lydia
Posers Ruth
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids Katie
"The Atwood Stories: The Man from Mars " Christine Anderson
"Foolish Girl" Goth Girl
"The Eleventh Hour: Tree Hugger " Amy Kimball/Meredith
Dad Dora
"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Poison à la Carte " Carol
"Mutant X: Altered Ego " Charlotte Cooke
Chasing Cain: Face Holly
"MythQuest: The Doppelganger " Contessa
"Alles klar, Sharon Spitz?: The Worst First Date Ever. Period " Alyson
"The Associates: Care & Control " Sarah Arrigo
Chasing Cain Holly
Scorn Amanda
"Nikita: Sleeping with the Enemy " Satin Tate
"Zweimal im Leben: Party Girls " Young Blair Wilson
"PSI Factor - Es geschieht jeden Tag: Tyler/Tim " Abby Butler
"Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series" Diana Barry
"Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend: Phaeton: The Chariot of Fire " 2nd Village Girl
The Life Before This Margaret
Kill & Smile Tracy Billings
Hoffnungslos verliebt Gretchen Lascelles
Seasons of Love Adult Charlotte
"Made in Canada: And the Winner Is... " Siobhan Roy
"Made in Canada: A Death in the Family " Siobhan Roy
"Made in Canada: Pawn to King Four " Siobhan Roy
Boy Meets Girl - Liebe wirkt Wunder Angelina Milleflores
"Mission Erde: Sie sind unter uns: Miracle " Julie Payton
Stunden der Gewalt Missy
"The Last Don" Young Rose Marie
Stirb für mich Nicole
"Grusel, Grauen, Gänsehaut: The Tale of the Vacant Lot " Heather
"Grusel, Grauen, Gänsehaut: The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 1 " Sandy Campbell

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