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Title Name Role
"American Dad: Stan of Arabia: Part 2 " Woman/American Girl #1
"The Batman: The Laughing Cats " Catwoman
Dreamland Mary
Man About Town Arlene Kreiner
Kettle of Fish Ginger
Tell Me Cuba Narrator
Delirious Dana
"Alles Betty!: Pilot " Fabia
"Alles Betty!: I'm Coming Out " Fabia
"The Batman: Rumors " Catwoman
What Love Is Rachel
"Alles Betty!: East Side Story " Fabia
"Psych: American Duos " Emilina Saffron
"Rescue Me: Solo " Valerie
"Rescue Me: Animal " Valerie
"Rescue Me: High " Valerie
"Rescue Me: Cycle " Valerie
"Rescue Me: Keefe " Valerie
"Rescue Me: Yaz " Valerie
"Lass es, Larry!: The Anonymous Donor " Anna
P.S. Ich Liebe Dich Sharon
Just Business Marty Jameson
Beer for My Horses Cammie
Gina Gershon Strips Down Sarah Palin Sarah Palin
"Life on Mars: Coffee, Tea, or Annie " Rita
"Numb3rs - Die Logik des Verbrechens: 12:01 AM " Danielle Hill
"Eastbound & Down: Chapter 5 " Realtor
"Rescue Me: Baptism " Valerie
"Rescue Me: French " Valerie
"Rescue Me: Wine " Valerie
"Everything She Ever Wanted: Episode #1.1" Pat Allanson
"Everything She Ever Wanted: Episode #1.2" Pat Allanson
Love Ranch Irene
Fünf Minarette in New York Maria
Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright Mariel Garza
"Glory Daze: What's Love Got to Nude with It " Lt. Lang
Sarah Palin Media Addict Sarah Palin
Killer Joe Sharla
Twisted Margot
Category 7 - Das Ende der Welt FEMA Director Judith Carr
One Last Thing... Arlene
"The Batman: Ragdolls to Riches " Catwoman/Selina Kyle
"American Dad: Homeland Insecurity " Karen
"Family Guy: Blind Ambition " Policewoman
"The Batman: The Cat, the Bat and the Very Ugly " Catwoman
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Embraceable You " Charlie Davis
"The Studio: Pilot " Bebe Knight
"Kevin Hill: The Good Life " Carly Austin
"The Batman: The Cat and the Bat " Catwoman/Selina Kyle
Three Way Florence DeCroix Hagen
"Tripping the Rift: Android Love " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Love Conquers All... Almost " Six
Der Fremde Eileen Phillips
"Tripping the Rift: Emasculating Chode " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Aliens, Guns & a Monkey " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Nature vs. Nurture " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Power to the Peephole " Six
"Practice - Die Anwälte: The Firm " Glenn Hall
"Tripping the Rift: 2001 Space Idiocies " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Totally Recalled " Six
"Tripping the Rift: The Devil and a Guy Named Webster " Six
"Tripping the Rift: The Sidewalk Soiler " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Miss Galaxy 5000 " Six
"Tripping the Rift: Mutilation Ball " Six
"Lass es, Larry!: The Survivor " Anna
"Tripping the Rift: God Is Our Pilot " Six
"Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst: My Fair Finchy " Rhonda Ferrara
"Spider-Man: Keeping Secrets " Shikata
Prey for Rock & Roll Jacki
Borderline - Unter Mordverdacht Dr. Lila Coletti
"Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst: Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro " Rhonda Ferrara
Demonlover.com Elaine Si Gibril
Slackers Girl at Trendy Club
Picture Claire Lily Warden
Driven Cathy Heguy
"Saturday Night Live: Jackie Chan/Kid Rock " Wilma Slotsin
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: The Stolen Diskette " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Swan Chant " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: A Criminal Mind " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: The Grinch " Glenn Hall
Black and White - Gefährlicher Verdacht Nora 'Hugs' Hugosian
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: True Believers " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Constitutions " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Separation Anxiety " Glenn Hall
Insider Helen Caperelli
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: The Heartless Bitch " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Higher Calling " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Bedfellas " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Singer in the Band " Glenn Hall
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Pilot " Glenn Hall
Guinevere Billie
"Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich: Blood Lines " Glenn Hall
Eine Liebe in Prag Dr. Lauren Graham
Anwaltsgeflüster - Ein Unrecht kommt selten allein Angela Beale
I'm Losing You Lidia
One Tough Cop Joey O'Hara
Lulu on the Bridge Hannah
Palmetto Nina
Im Körper des Feindes Sasha Hassler
"Ellen: The Puppy Episode: Part 2 " The Cashier
Touch - Der Typ mit den magischen Händen Debra Lusanne
Ohne Gewissen Carol Lakewood Morton
Gefesselt Corky
Showgirls Cristal Connors
Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back Margo Preston
Flinch - A Killing Phantom Daphne James
"The Untouchables: The Skin Trade " Becky Petrov
"Melrose Place: Cold Turkey " Ellen
"Melrose Place: Collision Course " Ellen
"Melrose Place: Married to It " Ellen
Love Matters Heat
Joey Breaker Jenny Chaser
Frank Sinatra - Der Weg an die Spitze Nancy Barbato Sinatra
Miss Rose White Angie
The Player Whitney Gersh
Stadt der Hoffnung Laurie Rinaldi
Jungle Fever Angie's Neighbor
Deadly Revenge Patti Madano
Voodoo Blood Tina
"Cop Rock: The Cocaine Mutiny " Stacey Kane
Club der Lügner Sharnetta
"Monsters: Jar " Ann
"The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd: Here's a Leisurely Stroll Through the Park " Randy Lewis
"The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd: Here's a Clever Yet Practical Gift Idea " Randy Lewis
"The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd: Here's a Little Night Music " Randy Lewis
Cocktail Coral
Red Heat Catherine 'Cat' Manzetti
"Unbekannte Dimensionen: Time and Teresa Golowitz " Laura
Sweet Revenge K.C.
Tödliche Hitze - Las Vegas Cop II Alison Cromwell
Pretty in Pink Trombley, Girl Friend/Gym Class
Die Stunde der Cobras - 3:15 Cobrettes
Lipstick & Ice Cream Dancer
Beatlemania Dancer
"Spider-Man: Sword of Shikata " Shikata

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