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Title Name Role
"CSI: NY: What Schemes May Come " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: Comes Around " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: Snow Day " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: Time's Up " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Flashbacks of a Fool Adult Ruth
Beer for My Horses Annie Streets
Shannon's Rainbow Christine
False Witness Pippa Porter
Not Forgotten Katie
"CSI: NY: Point of View " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"Camelot: The Battle of Bardon Pass " Queen Igraine
"Ice" Jacqueline
"Camelot: Homecoming " Queen Igraine
"Camelot: The Sword and the Crown " Queen Igraine
"Camelot: Guinevere " Queen Igraine
"Camelot: Lady of the Lake " Queen Igraine
"Camelot: Justice " Queen Igraine
"Camelot: Three Journeys " Queen Igraine
"Navy CIS: L.A.: Imposters " Lauren Hunt
"Camelot: The Long Night " Queen Igraine
"Navy CIS: L.A.: Familia " Lauren Hunter
Love's Kitchen Kate Templeton
"Camelot: Igraine " Queen Igraine
"Camelot: Reckoning " Queen Igraine
Deauville Claire
Nora Roberts - Lilien im Sommerwind Victoria 'Tory' Bodeen
Hallam Foe: This Is My Story Verity
"CSI: NY: Heart of Glass " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Schwerter des Königs - Dungeon Siege Solana
"CSI: NY: Silent Night " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: Raising Shane " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: Murder Sings the Blues " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: Not What It Looks Like " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"CSI: NY: People with Money " Dr. Peyton Driscoll
"Stephen King's Alpträume: Crouch End " Doris Frehman
Ripley Under Ground Cynthia
Liebe lieber italienisch Isabella Parish
Hooligans Shannon Dunham
Untitled David Diamond/David Weissman Project Allison
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius Mary Malone Jones
Memron Vangela Clay
The Limit Monica Prince
Das Medaillon Nicole James
The Pentagon Papers Patricia Marx
Northfork Mrs. Hadfield
Triggermen Emma Cutler
Startup Alice Poulson
Going Greek Sorority Sister
Boys and Girls Jennifer Burrows
Magicians Lydia
Mystery Men Monica
Rendezvous mit Joe Black Susan Parrish
Into My Heart Nina
Basils Liebe Julia Sherwin
Wie ich zum ersten Mal Selbstmord beging Joan
Garage Sale Julia
Basquiat Gina Cardinale
The Rock - Fels der Entscheidung Jade Angelou
Mall Rats Brandi
Police Academy 7 - Mission in Moskau Katrina
John F. Kennedy - Wilde Jugend Ann Cannon
"Press Gang: In the Picture " Judy Wellman
Tod in den Augen Katarina
"Press Gang: Chance Is a Fine Thing " Judy Wellman

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