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Title Name Role
"True Blood: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? " Portia Bellefleur
"True Blood: I'm Alive and on Fire " Portia Bellefleur
"True Blood: Me and the Devil " Portia Bellefleur
"NTSF:SD:SUV: San Diego Day " European Woman
Sironia Amanda
Missing William Abby
"True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner " Portia Bellefleur
"True Blood: She's Not There " Portia Bellefleur
The Good Doctor Stephanie
"The Vampire Diaries: Bad Moon Rising " Vanessa Monroe
"Navy CIS: Patriot Down " Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Kaylen Burrows
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: Perfect Little Accident " Jill Meyer
"Human Target: Rewind " Laura
"Dexter: Hello, Dexter Morgan " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Lost Boys " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Hungry Man " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Road Kill " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Slack Tide " Christine Hill
"Dexter: If I Had a Hammer " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Dirty Harry " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Dex Takes a Holiday " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Blinded by the Light " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Remains to Be Seen " Christine Hill
"Dexter: Living the Dream " Christine Hill
"Cold Case: Breaking News " Tory Roberts
"Criminal Minds: 52 Pickup " Austin
"How I Met Your Mother: The Naked Man " Vicky
Gears of War 2 Maria
Lie to Me Sam
Alien Raiders Sterling
"Monk: Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized " Emily Carter
"Alles Betty!: Fake Plastic Snow " M.W.
Denial Woman
Outside Devi
"Threat Matrix - Alarmstufe Rot: Cold Cash " Staci
"Moesha: Saving Private Rita " Rita
"Profiler: Besieged " Woman
Die Sportskanonen Scoreboard Girl
"South Park: Tom's Rhinoplasty " Vocals

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