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Title Name Role
"Magnum: Holmes Is Where the Heart Is " Mrs. Akawi
"Magnum: The Last Page " Landlady
"Magnum: The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club " Mrs. Macao, Sidney Dollinger's Nurse
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: For Old Times Sake " Auntie Ida
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: The Kahuna " Landlady
"Pearl Harbor: Episode #1.3" Mrs. Lihuha
"Pearl Harbor: Episode #1.2" Mrs. Lihuha
"Pearl Harbor: Episode #1.1" Mrs. Lihuha
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: The Friends of Joey Kalima " Mama Topo
"Big Hawaii" Lulu Kalahani
Danger in Paradise Big Lulu
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Man on Fire " Mrs. Kapehala
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: The Capsule Kidnapping " Landlady
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Small Witness, Large Crime " Rosalei
The Castaway Cowboy Liliha (MacAvoy housekeeper)
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Jury of One " Mrs. Dowd
Herrscher der Insel Apikela

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