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Title Name Role
In the Name of Love Mercedes Fernandez
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Proves That Their Love Is Greater and Beyond Imortal Beings " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus Tries to Team Up with Lucas Against Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Challenges the Ultimate Monster, Lucas " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Real Monster in the Prophecy Slowly Comes Into Picture " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Final Battle Between Mateo, Lia and Lucas Looms Near " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Are Forced to Be Separated for the Safety of Their Baby " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Lucille Be Able to Kill Lia & Mateo's Child? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Find Ways to Defy What's Foretold " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Refuse to Believe That Their Child Will Be a Monster " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucas Suffers from Magnus' Bite " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucille Continues to Break the Werewolf-Vampire Treaty " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Continue to Push the Treaty with the Approval of the Wayas " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Lia Put Up with the Ultimate Monster? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Everybody Fears the Outcome of Mateo and Lia's Relationship " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Face the Werewolves as Husband and Wife " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Carefully Analyzes His Father's Advice " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lydia Fears That Mateo Won't Survive " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: More Secrets About the Prophecy Are Unveiled " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Pursues with Her Plans to Kill Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Allows Lucas to Get to Her Heart " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus' Reign Will Soon Be Over " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Can Lia Really Kill Mateo? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Slowly Remembers Her Lost Memories " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus Tells the Other Vampires That He Already Killed Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Thinks of Different Ways on How to Convert His Vampire Clan to Non-Human-Blood Drinkers " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Wants to Find Out Mateo's Significance in Her Life " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Though Unnerved by Mateo's Explanations, Lia Still Attempts to Kill him " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Tries to Find Out Why Lia Can't Remember Their Past " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Is Confused on Mateo's Reactions Upon Attacking Him " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Reinstates Herself as the Supreme Punong Bantay " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Betrays the Other Vampires by Letting Go of the Captured Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Samantha Tries to Compel Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Is Determined to Hunt Down Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Seeks Samantha's Help to Forget Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Demands to Know Why Magnus and His Clan Attacked Dara's Family " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Olive Falls into the Vampire Lair " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus Targets Lia's Loved Ones to Trigger Her Anger " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Chosen Ones Still Can't Manage to Kill Each Other " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Lia Finally Fulfill Her Part in the Prophecy? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Human's Fear of the Vampires Forces Them to Be on Their Side Against the Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Vampires Goes Up Against the Punong Bantay " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The United Vampire Clans Hunt Down the Werewolves in Their Safe Houses " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Vampires Claim Their Assumed Rightful Place Amongst Human and Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Vampires and Werewolves Both Prepare for the Upcoming Eclipse " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Fights His Father's Vampire Clan to Save Mateo from Their Cruel Way of Living " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus Lures Mateo to Being Evil Again " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Sets Off to Find Out Why Mateo Hates Her " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Werewolves Gang Up on the Newly Surfaced Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Finally Reveals Himself to the Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucille Is Determined to Get to the Bottom of the Pranks Played at Waya Inc. " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Moves on with Her Life Away from the Werewolves and Vampires " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Copes with the Information Told by Samantha " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Vampires Talk about New Ways on How to Bring Down the Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia and Samantha Mourn Over Losing Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Even Mateo and Lia's Love May Not Be Enough to Save Their Lives " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Takes Part in Roman's Execution " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus Assures That Mateo Will Become a Vampire " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Mateo Finally Embrace His Vampire Destiny? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucille Proposes a Truce to Lia to Get to Roman " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: How Can the Other Vampires Led by Roman Figure Out a Way to Lure Mateo to His Vampire Path? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Faces His Father, Roman " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia and Mateo are Separated After the Failed Execution " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Lia Be in Time to Save Mateo from Public Execution? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucas and Sam Pair Off to Put a Stop to Mateo's Execution " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Werewolves Detain Lia and Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: After Lucille's Shocking Announcement, Lia Guards Mateo from the Other Werewolves to Protect Him from Being Captured " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucille Makes a Grand Return in Mateo and Lia's Wedding " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: How Long Can Lia Hide Mateo's Hidden Identity to the Other Werewolves? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Try to Fight the Prophecy Through Marriage " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Tells Abraham That She is Willing to Turn Her Back from the Werewolves to Protect Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Abraham Discovers That Mateo is the Chosen Vampire " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: To Lia's Great Surprise, Mirriam Whole-heartedly Disagrees to Their Wedding " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Magnus and the Other Vampires Worry about Mateo's Destiny Which Leads Them to a Decision to Take Matters with Their Own Hands " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: As Lia Fulfills Her Position as Punong Bantay, Mateo Comes to Term on Being a Vampire " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia are Both Having the Hardest Time in Accepting Their Destiny as the Chosen Vampire and Werewolf " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Lia Have the Guts to End Mateo's Life Before He Becomes a Full-Pledged Vampire? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Jethro Confronts Lia on Hiding the Truth About Mateo with the Rest of the Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Tries to Convince Mateo That Their Love Can Go Beyond the Prophecy " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Mateo Tell Lia of His Vampire Past? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Vampires Hunt Down Mateo to Prove If He Really is the Chosen One " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Answers His Questions Through a Long Lost Friend " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Realizes that Mateo is Slowly Drifting Away from Her " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Reacts Violently After Discovering His Ancestry " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Rest of the Vampires Hunt Down Samantha While She Still Tries to Protect Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Refuses to Be Sidetracked with Her Feelings as She Battles It Out with the Vampires " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Jethro Tell the Wolves His Latest Vision? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: All the Werewolves are Told to Protect Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Werewolves Send Out Troops to Haunt Vampires " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Mateo Join Sam as a Vampire? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Tom Does Everything He Can to Turn Mateo into a Vampire " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Tells Tom That Mateo is the Chosen Vampire " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Consults Abraham on Why the Vampires Called Her the Chosen Werewolf " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Vampires Carry Through Their First Plan Against the Werewolves " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Has to Decide Immediately If She Will Turn Mateo into Their Kind If She Wants Him to Join Their Side During the War " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Werewolves and Vampires Mobilize Their Troops for Battle " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Gives Lia a Personalized Gift " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Go Out on a Date for the First Time " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: The Werewolves Send Out Troops to Find Vampires " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Tables Turn When the Wayas Question Lucille " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Believes that the Only Way to Win Mateo's Heart is to Make Him a Vampire " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia and Mateo Brawl with the Other Werewolves to Save Mirriam " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia and Mateo Follow the Other Wayas to Save Mirriam " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Is Determined to Kill Lia Right Away for She Believes That the Chosen Werewolf Is Weak, Afraid and Not Ready to Fulfill Her Destiny " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Sam Finally Meets the Chosen Werewolf, Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: As Lucille Interrogates Abraham, She Discovers Lia's Unknown Strength and Capabilities as a Werewolf " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Finds it Hard to Accept That Lia is a Werewolf " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Makes a Split-Second Decision to Save Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Finally Give in to Their Feelings as They Plan on How to Go Back to the City " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Mateo Find Out That Lia is a Werewolf? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Refuses to Be Questioned by Albert, Instead She Runs Away and Asks Mateo to Go with Her " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Clarisse's Wedding Takes a Quick Turn When Mateo Decided to Follow His Heart Instead " Lia Ortega
My Amnesia Girl The MMA Fighter
"Imortal: Lia Tells Jethro the Truth About the Animal in His Vision and Her True Nature " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Takes Seriously the Latest Blog of Jethro about a Man in Danger with a Certain Animal " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Fully Transforms Into a Werewolf " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Samantha's Love for Mateo Becomes Undeniable " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Clarrise Humiliates Lia in Public and Mortifies Her in Front of Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Gets All Rigid as He Deals with Lucas' Anger and Disappointment " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Decides to Fight Back as She Finds Her Inner Strength " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Mateo Find Out about Lia's Lobo Lineage? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Walk Out from Simon's Party " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lucas Turn from Friends to Foes " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lucas Finally Acknowledges His Feelings for Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Samantha Tries to Find Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Clarisse Tries to Kill Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Trains to Fulfill Her Lobo Lineage " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Falls in Love with Mateo " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia's Uncle Wants to Hide the Truth About Her " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Saves Mateo from Elder Vampires " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Lia Be Able to Stop Mateo's Fate from Happening? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Begins to Get Confused about His Feelings for Lia " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Warns Mateo But Will He Listen to Her? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Finally Gets to Meet the Anonymous Blogger " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Samantha Finds Out about the Secret Behind Mateo's Identity " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Starts Searching for the Anonymous Blogger " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Learns of His Similar Experiences with Samantha and Asks Her to Know What They Mean " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Will Mateo and Lia Overcome Lucille's Threat? " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Begins to Get Confused with His Peculiarities " Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Samantha Tries to Lure Lucas " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo Hides His Feelings for Lia " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lia Gets Punished by the Waya Council " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Face Danger " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Samantha Lures Lucas into the Vampire's Lair " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Know Samantha Imperial's Role in the Life of the Lobos " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Face the Harsh Realities of Life as They Mature " Lyka Ortega/Lia Ortega
"Imortal: Lyka Vows to Protect Lia, Even to the Point of Risking Her Own Life " Lyka Ortega
"Imortal: Mateo and Lia Cross Paths for the First Time " Lyka Ortega
"Imortal: Roman Asks Lyka for Help " Lyka Ortega
"Imortal: Two Powerful Clans Fiercely Battle Each Other for Sole Domination of the World " Lyka Ortega
"Maalaala mo kaya: Litrato" Jenna
"Only You" Jillian
Love Me Again Arah
"Lobo: Jay-Jay and Ulay Move on with Their Lives " Lyka Raymundo
"Lobo: Jay-Jay and Ulay Fail to Run Away " Lyka Raymundo
"Lobo: Emil Tests His Antidote on Nessa " Lyka Raymundo
"Lobo: Nessa Reunites with Emil " Lyka Raymundo
"Maalaala mo kaya: Pilat" Melody
Angels Angie (segment "Angel of Mine")
The Promise Andrea
"Asian Treasures" Gabriela
Mano po 5: Gua ai di Charity
Txt Joyce
"Majika" Sabina
I Will Always Love You Cecille
Mulawin: The Movie Alwina
"Darna" Darna/Narda
Let the Love Begin Pia
Mano po III: My love Eliza
Sigaw Pinky
Singles Samantha
"Love to Love: Kissing Beauty " Chara/Charina
Kuya Barbs
"Mulawin" Alwina
Mano po 2: My home Melissa
"Ang Iibigin ay ikaw pa rin" Mariella
"Ang iibigin ay ikaw" Mariella
Ping Lacson: Super Cop Robina Gokongwei
"Click" Charley

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