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Title Name Role
"Samantha Who?: The Dog " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Amazing Racist " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Debt " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Rock Star " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: Todd's Job " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Sister " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The First Date " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Dream Job " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: With This Ring " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Other Woman " Andrea Belladonna
The Broadroom Roan
"Mercy: Too Much Attitude and Not Enough Underwear " Jules Fattore
The Wish List Sarah
"Mercy: That Crazy Bitch Was Right " Jules Fattore
"Blue Bloods: Officer Down " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Smack Attack " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Chinatown " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Re-Do " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: After Hours " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Little Fish " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Family Ties " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Hall of Mirrors " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: My Funny Valentine " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Dedication " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Age of Innocence " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Silver Star " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: To Tell the Truth " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Model Behavior " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: All That Glitters " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: Cellar Boy " Jackie Curatola
"Blue Bloods: The Blue Templar " Jackie Curatola
Mamitas Miss Ruiz
"Samantha Who?: My Best Friend's Boyfriend " Andrea Belladonna
Four Single Fathers Suzanne
"Samantha Who?: The Family Vacation " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Park " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Farm " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Ex " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: Help! " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Building " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Pill " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: Out of Africa " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: So I Think I Can Dance " Andrea Belladonna
American Crude Carlos
"Samantha Who?: The Birthday " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Affair " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Gallery Show " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Butterflies " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Boss " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Girlfriend " Andrea Belladonna
Conspiracy Joanna
"Samantha Who?: The Break Up " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Car " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Hockey Date " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Hypnotherapist " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Restraining Order " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Virgin " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Wedding " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: The Job " Andrea Belladonna
"Samantha Who?: Pilot " Andrea Belladonna
"Rescue Me: Black " Nona
"Rescue Me: Pussified " Nona
"Rescue Me: Commitment " Nona
"Rescue Me: Tuesday " Nona
"Rescue Me: Baby Face " Nona
"Law & Order: In Vino Veritas " Justine Bailey
"Related: Pilot " Ginnie Sorelli
Jesus, Mary and Joey Frankie Vitello
"Related: The Cape " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: The Move " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: His Name Is Ruth " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Sisters Are Forever " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Here's a Balloon for You " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Not Without My Daughter " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Daddy's Little Girl " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: London Calling " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: The Godmother " Ginnie Sorelli
More, Patience Patience More
"Related: Have Yourself a Sorelli Little Christmas " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Driving Miss Crazy " Ginnie Sorelli
Snow Wonder Pilar
"Related: Francesca " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Sex and the Sisters " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: The Naked Truth " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Hello Deli " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Cry Me a Sister " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Hang in There, Baby " Ginnie Sorelli
"Related: Movin Out, Moving In, Moving On " Ginnie Sorelli
"Für alle Fälle Amy: Sorry I Missed You " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: The New Normal " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: Hard to Get " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: Dream a Little Dream " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: You Don't Know Me " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: 10,000 Steps " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: The Long Run " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
"Für alle Fälle Amy: Conditional Surrender " Louann 'Crystal' Turner
New York Taxi Lt. Marta Robbins
L.A. Crash Ria
Breakin' All the Rules Rita Monroe
"Die Straßen von Philadelphia: Obsession " Abby
Meister der Verwandlung Jennifer Baker
Safecrackers oder Diebe haben's schwer Carmela
Backflash Olive Dee 'Harley' Klintucker
Beyond the City Limits Helena Toretti
Sag' kein Wort Detective Sandra Cassidy
Made Club Girl
Dangerous Connection Susan Reese
Wes Craven - Dracula 2000 Solina
Boys Life 3 Michelle (segment "Just One Time")
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Remorse " Sara Logan
Der Junggeselle Daphne
Just One Time Michelle
Summer of Sam Ruby
"Chaos City: Klumageddon: Part 1 " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Wall Street " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Mayor with Two Brains " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Last Temptation of Mike " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Dick Clark's Rockin' Make-Out Party '99 " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Not in the Line of Fire " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Nutty Deputy Mayor " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Local Hero " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Kidney's All Right " Stacey Paterno
Ich weiß noch immer was Du letzten Sommer getan hast Nancy
"Chaos City: An Officer and a Gentleman " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Three Men and a Little Lady " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: It Happened One Night " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Dead Dog Talking " Stacey Paterno
Side Streets Jessica
"New York Undercover: Sign o' the Times " Gina Stone
"Chaos City: The Paul Bearer " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Single White Male " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Lady or the Tiger " Stacey Paterno
Spiel des Lebens Ms. Janus
"Chaos City: Bye, Bye, Birdie " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Pope of Gracie Mansion " Stacey Paterno
No Looking Back Teresa
"Chaos City: A River Runs Through Me " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: One Wedding and a Funeral: Part 2 " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Marrying Men " Stacey Paterno
In den Straßen von Brooklyn Donna Delgrosso
"Chaos City: Deaf Man Walking " Stacey Paterno
"New York Undercover: Mob Street " Gina Stone
"New York Undercover: Spare Parts " Gina Stone
"Chaos City: Gentleman's Agreement " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Paul Lassiter Story " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Same Time Next Year " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Miracle Near 34th Street " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: They Shoot Horses, Don't They? " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Family Affair: Part 2 " Stacey
"Chaos City: Family Affair " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: My Life Is a Soap Opera " Stacey
"Chaos City: The Thirty Year Itch " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: Radio Daze " Stacey
"Chaos City: In the Heat of the Day " Stacey Paterno
"Chaos City: The Goodbye Girl " Stacey Paterno
Kiss Me, Guido Debbie
A Brother's Kiss Lucy
"Feds: Crash and Burn " Flo
"Law & Order: Good Girl " Gina Tucci
Sonny Boys Jeannie
"The City" Connie Soleito

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