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Title Name Role
"Boston Legal: Angel of Death " Sandy Zionts
"King of Queens: Home Cheapo " Kelly Palmer
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: The Other Side of This Life: Part 2 " Dr. Naomi Bennett
"Grey's Anatomy - Die jungen Ärzte: The Other Side of This Life: Part 1 " Dr. Naomi Bennett
"King of Queens: China Syndrome, Parts 1 and 2 " Kelly Palmer
Masterwork Rachel West
"Better off Ted - Die Chaos AG: Get Happy " Sheila
"Surviving Suburbia: Nothing for Money " Mrs. Devore
"Better off Ted - Die Chaos AG: The Great Repression " Sheila
"Better off Ted - Die Chaos AG: Beating a Dead Workforce " Sheila
"Castle: Den of Thieves " Monica Finch
"Hung - Um Längen besser: Beaverland " Liz
"The Closer: Heart Attack " Ms. Reed
"Hung - Um Längen besser: The Middle East Is Complicated " Liz
"Better off Ted - Die Chaos AG: Swag the Dog " Sheila
"Outlaw: In Re: Curtis Farwell " Alison Mills
L!fe Happens Hester
"King of Queens: Brace Yourself " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Major Disturbance " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Affair Trade " Kelly Palmer
"Alias - Die Agentin: All the Time in the World " Francie Calfo
"King of Queens: Four Play " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Sold-Y Locks " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Present Tense " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Buggie Nights " Kelly Palmer
Beyond Debbie Sprague
"King of Queens: Move Doubt " Kelly Palmer
"Summerland Beach: What's Past Is Prologue " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Careful What You Wish For " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Safe House " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Space Between Us " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Signs " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Leaving Playa Linda " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Where There's a Will There's a Wave " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: The Pleiades " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Mr. and Mrs. Who " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Pick Nik " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Sledgehammer " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: I am the Walrus " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: The Wisdom to Know the Difference " Susannah Rexford
"King of Queens: Awed Couple " Kelly Palmer
"Malcolm mittendrin: Kitty's Back " Kitty Kenarban
"Summerland Beach: On the Last Night of Summer " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Yummy Mummy " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Life in the Fishbowl " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Kicking and Screaming " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Skipping School " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Secrets " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: To Thine Self Be True " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Big Waves " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: The Grass Is Greener Than You Think " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Into My Life " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Fireworks " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: And So the Day Begins " Susannah Rexford
"Summerland Beach: Pilot " Susannah Rexford
"King of Queens: Tank Heaven " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Precedent Nixin' " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Switch Sitters " Kelly Palmer
"Alias - Die Agentin: Remnants " Allison Doren
"King of Queens: Secret Garden " Kelly Palmer
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Nemesis " Allison Doren
"King of Queens: Nocturnal Omission " Kelly Palmer
"Alias - Die Agentin: Second Double " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Telling " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: Countdown " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: Endgame " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: Truth Takes Time " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: A Dark Turn " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: Firebomb " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: A Free Agent " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: Double Agent " Allison Doren
"Alias - Die Agentin: Phase One " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Getaway " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: A Higher Echelon " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Abduction " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Passage: Part 2 " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Passage: Part 1 " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Counteragent " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Salvation " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Indicator " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Dead Drop " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Cipher " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Trust Me " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Enemy Walks In " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Almost Thirty Years " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Rendezvous " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Solution " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Snowman " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Masquerade " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Q & A " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Prophecy " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Page 47 " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Coup " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Box: Part 2 " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Box: Part 1 " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: The Confession " Francie Calfo
Scream at the Sound of the Beep Jill
"Alias - Die Agentin: Spirit " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Mea Culpa " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Time Will Tell " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Color Blind " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Reckoning " Francie Calfo
"Malcolm mittendrin: Houseboat " Kitty Kenarban
"Lass es, Larry!: The Doll " Amy
"Alias - Die Agentin: Doppelganger " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: A Broken Heart " Francie Calfo
"King of Queens: Friender Bender " Kelly Palmer
"Alias - Die Agentin: Parity " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: So It Begins " Francie Calfo
"Alias - Die Agentin: Truth Be Told " Francie Calfo
Odessa or Bust Disgruntled Diner
The Sky Is Falling Sheila
"King of Queens: Pregnant Pause: Part 1 " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Pregnant Pause: Part 2 " Kelly Palmer
"Malcolm mittendrin: Carnival " Kitty Kenarban
"King of Queens: Separation Anxiety " Kelly Palmer
"Starlets: Passion Fish " Joan
"King of Queens: Deacon Blues " Kelly Palmer
"Starlets: Opposite of Sex " Joan
"King of Queens: Paint Misbehavin' " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Wedding Presence " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Better Camera " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Twisted Sitters " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Dark Meet " Kelly Palmer
"Malcolm mittendrin: Dinner Out " Kitty Kenarban
"King of Queens: Strike Out " Kelly Palmer
"Starlets: Satisfaction " Joan
"King of Queens: Strike One " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Fatty McButterpants " Kelly Palmer
"Starlets: Prelude to a Kiss " Joan
"King of Queens: Whine Country " Kelly Palmer
"Friends: The One Where Paul's the Man " The Museum Official
"City of Angels: Deliver the Male " Mrs. Lombard
"King of Queens: The Shmenkmans " Kelly Palmer
"Malcolm mittendrin: Sleepover " Kitty Kenarban
"King of Queens: Fair Game " Kelly Palmer
"Malcolm mittendrin: Pilot " Malcolm's Teacher
"Jesse: Kurt Slips, Niagara Falls " Rosemary
"King of Queens: I, Candy " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Get Away " Kelly Palmer
"G vs E: Cliffhanger " Rebecca Clemens
"King of Queens: Parent Trapped " Kelly Palmer
"The West Wing - Im Zentrum der Macht: Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc " Daisy
"Saved by the Bell: The New Class: Prescription for Trouble " Coach Williams
"King of Queens: Maybe Baby " Kelly Palmer
EDtv - Immer auf Sendung Ms. Seaver
"King of Queens: White Collar " Kelly Palmer
"King of Queens: Crappy Birthday " Kelly Palmer
"Tracey Takes On...: Drugs " Nancy
"King of Queens: Best Man " Kelly Palmer
Deep Impact Sheila Bradley
"Seinfeld: The Bookstore " Cashier
"Murphy Brown: From the Terrace " Woman
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: When the Bough Breaks " Daphina
"Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Buyer " Female Prostitute
"Party Girl: A Charming Tale " Wanda
"Party Girl: Just Say No " Wanda
"Party Girl: Virgin Mary " Wanda
"Party Girl: Pilot " Wanda
"Living Single: Woman to Woman " Laura
"Babylon 5: Messages from Earth " Security Guard #2
"Martin: Girfriend " Monique

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