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Title Name Role
"Bones - Die Knochenjägerin: The Plain in the Prodigy " Karin Lin
"The Closer: Layover " Linda
"Criminal Minds: Reflection of Desire " Kelly Landis
Final Sale Kate Johnson
"CSI - Den Tätern auf der Spur: Hitting for the Cycle " Evan Ferrari
Mulligan Tinker
Ligeia Rowena
"Brothers & Sisters: Owning It " Chelsea Yeager
"Brothers & Sisters: It's Not Easy Being Green " Chelsea Yeager
"CSI: Miami: Tunnel Vision " Amanda Brighton
"Cavemen: Caveman Holiday " Kate McKinney
"Cavemen: Rock Vote " Kate
"Cavemen: The Shaver " Kate
"Cavemen: The Mascot " Kate
"Cavemen: The Cavewoman " Kate
"Cavemen: Nick Get Job " Kate
"Cavemen: Her Embarrassed of Caveman " Kate
"Cavemen: Nick Jerk, Andy Work" Kate McKinney
That Little Extra Amy
"Justice: Nicht schuldig!: Filicide " Elizabeth Morris
S.H.I.T. - Die Highschool GmbH Gwynn
The TV Set Jesse Filmore
Waiting... Amy
Home of Phobia Amanda
"Cold Case: Hubris " Holly Richardson
"Strong Medicine: Zwei Ärztinnen wie Feuer und Eis: Misdiagnosis Murder " Julie Windsor
Catch me if you can - Mein Leben auf der Flucht Joanna
"Without a Trace - Spurlos verschwunden: Between the Cracks " Eve Cleary/Becky Radowsky

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