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Title Name Role
"Life of Riley: The Good Mother " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: The Bug " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Absent Friends " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Lost in Translation " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Snake " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Interference " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Letter of the Law " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: The Boyfriend " Maddy Riley
"Just William: The School Report " Mrs. Bott
"Just William: The Sweet Little Girl in White " Mrs. Bott
"Life of Riley: Crazy " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: School's Out " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Is She Really Going Out with Him? " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Nine to Five " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Crowded House " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Just the Two of Us " Maddy Riley
Marple: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side Heather Badcock
"Blue Murder: Private Sins: Part 2 " Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Private Sins " Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: This Charming Man " Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Tooth and Claw " Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Inside " Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Having It All " Janine Lewis
"Life of Riley: The Worst Best Man " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: The Little White Lie " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: Beating the Bully " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: The Ex Factor " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: New Beginnings " Maddy Riley
"Life of Riley: In the Family Way " Maddy Riley
"Blue Murder: Crisis Management " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Desperate Measures " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Not a Matter of Life and Death " DCI Janine Lewis
University Challenge: The Story So Far Narrator
"Blue Murder: In Deep " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: The Spartacus Thing " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Make Believe " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Steady Eddie " DCI Janine Lewis
"Life Begins: Episode #3.6" Maggie Thornhill Mee
"Life Begins: Episode #3.1" Maggie Mee
Return of the Goodies Narrator
"Little Britain: Episode #3.1" The Customer
Footprints in the Snow Julie Hill
"Life Begins: Episode #2.8" Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: When Lifes Collide " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Hidden Pain " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Break for Love " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Under Pressure " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Time Goes By " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: From the Past " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Things Are Changing " Maggie Mee
"Blue Murder: Lonely " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Fragile Relations " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Up in Smoke " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Hit and Run " DCI Janine Lewis
Von Trapped Maria Moogan
"Life Begins: Maggie & Paul " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Maggie & Helen " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Maggie, Clare & Guy " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Maggie, Kathleen & Sam " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Maggie, Brenda & Eric " Maggie Mee
"Life Begins: Maggie & Phil " Maggie Mee
"Blue Murder: Cry Me a River: Part 2 " DCI Janine Lewis
"Blue Murder: Cry me a River: Part 1 " DCI Janine Lewis
"Living Famously: Benny Hill " Narrator
"Living Famously: Jayne Mansfield " Narrator
"Living Famously: Karen Carpenter " Narrator
"Living Famously: Mae West " Narrator
"Living Famously: Alfred Hitchcock " Narrator
"Living Famously: Laurel & Hardy " Narrator
"Living Famously: Anthony Quinn " Narrator
"Living Famously: Vivien Leigh " Narrator
"Living Famously: Oliver Reed " Narrator
40 Years of University Challenge Narrator
Blood Strangers Lin Beresford
Hot Money Bridget Watmore
Goodbye, Mr Steadman Gina Ravelli
"Kiss Me Kate: Comic Relief " Kate Salinger
Comic Relief Short Pants Kate Salinger
The Innocent Beth Pastorov
"Kiss Me Kate: Christmas " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Kate's Niece " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Grandfather Clock " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: The Party " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Oh Brother! " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: The Bahamas " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Magnolia " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: The Italian Job " Kate Salinger
"Jonathan Creek: The Three Gamblers " Maddy Magellan
The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything Marcia Bournemouth
"Jonathan Creek: Miracle in Crooked Lane " Maddy Magellan
Hooves of Fire Vixen
"Jonathan Creek: Ghost's Forge " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Omega Man " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Eyes of Tiresias " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish " Maddy Magellan
"Kiss Me Kate: Episode #2.7" Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: On the Couch " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Teeth " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: One Night Stand " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Money Matters " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Dad " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Closure " Kate Salinger
"Men Behaving Badly: Delivery " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Gary in Love " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Performance " Dorothy
"Jonathan Creek: Black Canary " Maddy Magellan
"Kiss Me Kate: Re-Union " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Holidays " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Speech " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Calendar " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Mike " Kate Salinger
"Kiss Me Kate: Secretaries " Kate Salinger
"Jonathan Creek: Mother Redcap " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Problem at Gallows Gate: Part Two " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Problem at Gallows Gate " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Scented Room " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: Time Waits for Norman " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: Danse Macabre " Maddy Magellan
"Men Behaving Badly: Jingle B***s! " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Sofa " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Ten " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Watching TV " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Jealousy " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Wedding " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Stag Night " Dorothy
"Jonathan Creek: The House of Monkeys " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: No Trace of Tracy " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Reconstituted Corpse " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: Jack in the Box " Maddy Magellan
"Jonathan Creek: The Wrestler's Tomb " Madeline Magellan
"Men Behaving Badly: Home Made Sauna " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Rich and Fat " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Cardigan " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Your Mate v Your Bird " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Cowardice " Dorothy
"The Chart Show: Episode dated 29 June 1996" Interviewee
"Men Behaving Badly: The Good Pub Guide " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Hair " Dorothy
"Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's...: The Missing Page " Caroline
"Men Behaving Badly: Playing Away " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: In Bed with Dorothy " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Drunk " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Three Girlfriends " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Pornography " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Infidelity " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Babies " Dorothy
Entertainment Cops Miss Pennyfarthing
"Men Behaving Badly: Marriage " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Cleaning Lady " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Weekend " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Casualties " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Bed " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Lovers " Dorothy
An Evening with Gary Lineker Monica Despacos
"All or Nothing at All: Episode #1.3" Rebecca
"Men Behaving Badly: People Behaving Irritatingly " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Going Nowhere " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Troublesome Twelve Inch " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: How to Dump Your Girlfriend " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Rent Boy " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Gary and Tony " Dorothy
"Don't Tell Father" Kate Bancroft
"Men Behaving Badly: My Brilliant Career " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Sex & Violence " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Animals " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Alarms and Setbacks " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: The Bet " Dorothy
"Men Behaving Badly: Intruders " Dorothy
"Mr. Bean: The Trouble with Mr. Bean " The Traffic Warden
"Paul Merton: The Series: Episode #1.4" Frank's Wife
"Paul Merton: The Series: Episode #1.2" Dr. Gillespie
"Harry Enfield's Television Programme: Episode #1.6" Little Brother's Mum/Charity Organiser
"Harry Enfield's Television Programme: Episode #1.5" Little Brother's Mum
"Harry Enfield's Television Programme: Episode #1.3" 1st Wife
"Harry Enfield's Television Programme: Episode #1.2" Mother
"Casualty: Banking for Beginners " Jane Locke
"Shadow of the Noose" Mary Bennett
"This Is David Lander: Not a Pretty Site " Tricia Worthington
Up Line Patti Technology
"Play for Today: The Groundling and the Kite " Receptionist
"Dream Stuffing" Brenda
Party Party Shirley
"The Squad: Recruits " Vicky Banks

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