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Title Name Role
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon Person in the Colony Room Club
"Minder: Minder on the Orient Express " Debbie Moore
"The Gentle Touch: Who's Afraid of Josie Tate " Elaine Decker
Barney's Last Battle Young woman
Man of Violence Gale
Dracula Dracula's Wife
"Kein Pardon für Schutzengel: Route 27 " Nurse
Dämonen der Seele Inge
Das Monster mit der Teufelsklaue Ruth
Uhrwerk Orange Stage Actress
"Play for Today: Thank You Very Much " Christine
Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde Betsy
"Paul Temple: Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? " Francoise
Die Sexparty Karen
Schwarze Messe auf blutrotem Altar Eve Morley
"Mr. Rose: The Less-Than-Iron-Duke " Catherine
The Other People Girl at Airport
"The Troubleshooters: Women and Business Never Did Mix " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: No Sentiment in Business? " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: Nothing to Do with Mogul " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: Some Days You Just Can't Win " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: Think Big " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: We're Not One of Us Perfect " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: Home and Dry " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: A Damn Great Lump of Oil " Julie Serres
"The Troubleshooters: Words Are Softer Than Oil " Julie Serres
"The Man in Room 17: How to Rob a Bank... and Get Away with It " Martita
"Crossroads" Heather Gurney
"No Hiding Place: The Carrion Bird " Selma
"Detective: Subject: Murder " Susan Carmichael
"Doctor Who: The Rescue " Dyoni
"Doctor Who: The Ordeal " Dyoni
"Doctor Who: The Expedition " Dyoni
"Doctor Who: The Ambush " Dyoni
"Doctor Who: The Escape " Dyoni
West 11 Bit Role
"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre: The Partner " Karen
"The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre: Ricochet " Brenda
Ricochet Brenda
The Partner Karen

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