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Title Name Role
"Entourage: Give a Little Bit " Sloan McQuewick
Taking Chances Lucy
13 Aileen
Elektra Luxx Bambi Lindberg
"Entourage: Stunted " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Dramedy " Sloan McQuewick
"Phineas und Ferb: Phineas and Ferb: Summer Belongs to You! " Additional Voices
"Entourage: Tequila Sunrise " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Bottoms Up " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Tequila and Coke " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Sniff Sniff Gang Bang " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Lose Yourself " Sloan McQuewick
Call of Duty: Black Ops Numbers
5 Days of War Tatia
Girl Walks Into a Bar Teresa
"The Borgias: The French King " Sancia
"The Borgias: Death, on a Pale Horse " Sancia
"The Borgias: Nessuno " Sancia
"Thundercats: The Sword of Omens " Cheetara
"Thundercats: Ancient Spirits of Evil " Cheetara
"TRON: Uprising" Page (2012)
"Thundercats" Cheetara (2011)
"Entourage: The Sorkin Notes " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Murphy's Lie " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Fore " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Amongst Friends " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Drive " Sloan McQuewick
Saint John of Las Vegas Tasty D Lite
Women in Trouble Bambi
"Robot Chicken: PS: Yes, in That Way " Black Cherry Pie/Check-Out Lady/Woman
Tom Cool Chriqui
Cadillac Records Revetta Chess
"Entourage: Seth Green Day " Sloan
"Robot Chicken: Monstourage " Invisible Woman/Mokey Fraggle/Woman/Girl
Tortured Becky
Leg dich nicht mit Zohan an Dalia
Der Börsen-Crash Morela Sterling
"Entourage: The Day Fuckers " Sloan
"Entourage: Adios, Amigos " Sloan
"Entourage: Dog Day Afternoon " Sloan
"Entourage: Less Than 30 " Sloan
Sexgeflüster Jordy
That Little Extra Tyla
Deceit Emily
Waltzing Anna Nurse Jill
"Entourage: Vegas Baby, Vegas! " Sloan
"Entourage: Strange Days " Sloan McQuewick
"Entourage: Three's Company " Sloan
"Entourage: Aquamom " Sloan
In the Mix Dolly
Adam and Eve Eve
"Entourage: The Abyss " Sloan
"Entourage: Exodus " Sloan
"Entourage: Blue Balls Lagoon " Sloan
"Entourage: The Bat Mitzvah " Sloan McQuewick
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Lilly
Waiting... Tyla
"Unscripted: Episode #1.10" Emmanuelle
"Unscripted: Episode #1.9" Emmanuelle
"Unscripted: Episode #1.8" Emmanuelle
Candy Paint Angela Martinez
"O.C., California: The Accomplice " Jodie
"O.C., California: The Ex-Factor " Jodie
"Jake 2.0: Arms and the Girl " Theresa Carano
Rick Duke's Long-Suffering Wife
Wrong Turn Carly
On the Line Abbey
Eins, zwei, Pie - Wer die Qual hat, hat die Wahl Patty
Ricky 6 Lee
Schneefrei Claire Bonner
Detroit Rock City Barbara
Futuresport - Kämpfe um dein Leben! Gonzales
Cuori in campo Megan
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Eternal Sleep " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Last Shinma " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Boy Who Returned " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: Butterfly Enchantment " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: Love of the Dolls " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: City of Illusion " Hisae Aoki
Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County Renee Laurent
A Champion's Fight Cindy
Ein Direktor räumt auf Roxanne
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Weeping Garden of Reeds " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Swamp of Promises " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Red Shoes " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: Fate " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Ghost of Miyu " Hisae Aoki
"Sinbads Abenteuer: Little Miss Magic " Serendib
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Sepia Colored Portrait " Hisae Aoki
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: The Forest Calls " Hisae Aoki
Hier hast du dein Kind Kayla
"Kyûketsuki Miyu: At the Next Station " Hisae Aoki
"Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science: Sex Fiend " Rachel
"PSI Factor - Es geschieht jeden Tag: The Undead, The/Stalker " Melissa
"Grusel, Grauen, Gänsehaut: The Tale of the Night Shift " Amanda
"Traders: The Natari Affair " Samira
Organic Fighter Patty
"Nick Knight - Der Vampircop: Black Buddha: Part 2 " Jude Deshnell
I.Q. Runner - Aufstand der Untermenschen Jeannie
"Kung Fu - Im Zeichen des Drachen: The Return of Sing Ling " Bumper

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