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Title Name Role
The Breakup Artist Mona
Indocumentados Mrs. Guerrero
The War Within Farida S. Choudhury
Das Mädchen aus dem Wasser Anna Ran
Lady in a Box Ms. Pullman
"Damages - Im Netz der Macht: She Spat at Me " Sleep Therapist
Woman in Burka Sarita
Zufällig verheiratet Sunny
Possible Side Effects Callie
"Kings: Goliath " Helen
"Kings: First Night " Helen
"Kings: Judgment Day " Helen Pardis
Entre nos Preet
"Kings: The Sabbath Queen " Helen
"Kings: Pilgrimage " Helen
"Kings: The New King: Part One " Helen
"The Philanthropist: Kashmir " Rhada Shivpuri
For Real Priya Singh
"Mercy: Wake Up, Bill " Dr. Carrozzi
"Good Wife: Mock " Simran Verma
"Bored to Death: Forty-Two Down! " Lakshmi
"TV You Control: Bar Karma: Man Walks Out of a Bar " Sarita
Midnight's Children The Lady
Good Ol' Boy Nina
"PBS Hollywood Presents: Cop Shop " Charmaine
"Law & Order: Paradigm " Nadira Harrington
She Hate Me Song
Marmalade Angelica
Exactly Lily
Es bleibt in der Familie Suzie
Rhythm of the Saints Mariela
Just a Kiss Colleen
"100 Centre Street: Hurricane Paul " Julia Brooks
"100 Centre Street: Zero Tolerance " Julia Brooks
"100 Centre Street: End of the Month " Julia Brooks
Refuge Girl
"100 Centre Street: Daughters " Julia Brooks
"100 Centre Street: Queenie's Tough " Julia Brooks
Trigger Happy Alison
"100 Centre Street: And Justice for Some " Julia Brooks
"Deadline: Red Herring " Sahira Ondaatje
"Deadline: Just Lie Back " Sahira Ondaatje
"100 Centre Street: Domestic Abuses " Julia Brooks
"100 Centre Street: The Bug " Julia Brooks
3 A.M. Box
"Deadline: Howl " Sahira Ondaatje
Come On Sarita
"Homicide: The Why Chromosome " Dr. Kalyani
"Homicide: Identity Crisis " Dr. Kalyani
"Homicide: A Case of Do or Die " Dr. Kalyani
"Homicide: The Same Coin " Dr. Kalyani
Gloria Angela
"Homicide: Kellerman, P.I.: Part 2 " Dr. Kalyani
Restless Jane Talwani
Ein perfekter Mord Raquel Martinez
High Art Joan
Story of the Red Rose Infanta
SUBWAYStories: Tales from the Underground Humera (segment "Honey-Getter")
Dinner Party Rosie
Tiger! Sarita
Kama Sutra - Die Kunst der Liebe Tara, the Queen
Der Tod hinter der Maske Myrna
The Perez Family Josette
Fresh Kill Shareen Lightfoot
Das Geisterhaus Pancha García
Wild West Rifat
Mississippi Masala Meena

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