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Title Name Role
Willard Ms. Leach
Barbara Broadcast Too! Mrs. Rush
Sunset Stripped Leslie Jennings
Crime & Passion Heather Bricklyn/Gina
Club Sin Elsa
Up Close & Personal: Ashlyn Gere Ashlyn
The One Dr. Hamilton
Faith Betrayed Leader of the Strippers
House of Whores Prostitute
Stripper Wives Julianna
"Millennium - Fürchte deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst: Roosters " Clear Knight
"Millennium - Fürchte deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst: Owls " Clear Knight
Sorority Sex Kittens 3 Lila Cantrell
"Palm Beach-Duo: Pumped Up " Roxy McCall
"Space: Pearly " Feliciti OH
"Space: Choice or Chance " Feliciti OH
"Space: Eyes " Feliciti OH 483
"Space: The Dark Side of the Sun " Feliciti OH 519
Photoplay Miss Fitz
Sorority Sex Kittens Dr. Lila Cantrell
Ashlyn Rising Lydia
Internal Affairs Morgan Sands
Night Vision Anne
Simply Blue Laurie Cole
"Akte X - Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI: Blood " Bonnie McRoberts
Mirage Jennifer Randall
Aroused Lynette
Body and Soul Astra
Cheating Cynthia, Keith's Wife
Masseuse II Noreen
Sex 3: After Seven Anna
Grausames Verlangen Carolyn
Verführerischer Sommer Blaire Wood
Bonnie & Clyde: Outlaws of Love Bonnie
Dr. Jeckel & Ms. Hide Ms. Hide
Verführerische Verwandlung Casey
Anonymous Diane
Bonnie and Clyde: Desperado Bonnie
New Lovers Beth
Night Train Miss Eddington
Steamy Windows Lawyer
Voices in My Bed Ashley
Fatal Instinct Frank Stegner's Girlfriend
Bush Pilots Kate
Sex Records Ecstasy
Malibu Spice Shelly
Auction Rick's Slave
Bad Miss Adams
Bedrooms & Boardrooms Jean
Betrayal Susan
Grand Prix Fever Ashlyn
Legend 3 Linda Laine aka Linda Licks
Sunrise Mystery Tanya
Talk Dirty to Me: Part 9 Connie
Two Women Lisa
Joystick Sex 2 Kate
Cheeks 5: Cop a Feel Pool 'Pocket'
Laid in Heaven Kim Smith
Lethal Squirt Girl
Slow Burn Tasha
Talk Dirty to Me: Part 8 Connie
All That Sex Stephanie Marqette
Angel 3 - Die Suche Video Girl #1
Put It in Gere Girl in Doug's Porn Video
Shifting Gere Owner of school for strippers
The Last Resort Nikki
Evil Laugh Connie
Creepzone Kate
Lunch Meat Roxy
Dreamaniac Pat

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