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Title Name Role
Magic Valley Martha Garabrant
"Terriers: Hail Mary " Laura Ross
"Terriers: Quid Pro Quo " Laura Ross
"Terriers: Sins of the Past " Laura Ross
"Terriers: Asunder " Laura Ross
"Law & Order: The Drowned and the Saved " Rita Shalvoy
"Law & Order: Excalibur " Rita Shalvoy
"Law & Order: Personae Non Grata " Rita Shalvoy
Long Island Confidential Kate Larkin
Die Ermordung des Jesse James durch den Feigling Robert Ford Martha Bolton
Griffin & Phoenix Terry
A House Divided Ruth
Birth Laura
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Out of Africa " Paula Martin
12 Marie-Noel
Gefangene der Zeit Mrs. Who
Red Betsy Winifred Rounds
The Song of the Lark Thea Kronborg
The Miracle Worker Anne Sullivan
Trance Nora/Niamh
Die Flügel der Taube Millie Theale
Die Geschichte vom Spitfire Grill Percy Talbott
Unter Anklage - Der Fall McMartin Peggy Ann Buckey
Die Kehrseite der Medaille Rachel
"Die Freibeuterinnen: Plunder " Virginia St. George
"Die Freibeuterinnen: Capture " Virginia St. George
"Die Freibeuterinnen: Ambush " Virginia St. George
"Die Freibeuterinnen: Conquest " Virginia St. George
"Die Freibeuterinnen: Invasion " Virginia St. George
Wyatt Earp - Das Leben einer Legende Lou Earp
Immer Ärger um Dojo Tessa
"Black Tie Affair: Episode #1.5" Eve Saskatchewan
"Black Tie Affair: Episode #1.4" Eve Saskatchewan
"Black Tie Affair: Episode #1.3" Eve Saskatchewan
"Black Tie Affair: Episode #1.2" Eve Saskatchewan
"Black Tie Affair: One " Eve Saskatchewan
Another Round Jessica
"ABC Afterschool Specials: The Perfect Date " Cindy
"Living Dolls: Beauty and the Beat " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: And I Thought Modeling Was Hard " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: C Is for Model " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: He's Ba-aack! " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: The Flash Is Always Greener " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: The Not So Sweet Smell of Success " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: Rick's Model Girlfriend " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: Seeing Is Believing " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: Martha Means Well " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: It's My Party " Martha Lambert
"Living Dolls: It's All Done with Mirrors " Martha Lambert
"Wer ist hier der Boß?: Living Dolls " Martha Lambert

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