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Title Name Role
"Zoey 101: The Play " School Nurse
"Passions: Episode #1.1184" ER Nurse
"She Spies: Leotards and Lies " Female Guard
"Passions: Episode #1.1137" Female Elf #2
"Passions: Episode #1.1136" Female Elf #2
"J.A.G. - Im Auftrag der Ehre: Touchdown " Waitress
"Crossing Jordan - Pathologin mit Profil: Sunset Division " Jolene aka 'Big Bad Woman'
"Passions: BoozeBournes " Clown #1
"Passions: Episode #1.941" Clown #1
"Worst Case Scenarios: Worst Case Scenario " Host
"One World: Crushed " Amazon
"Shooting Gallery" Danger
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dogs of War " Cardassian
Gloria Third Blonde
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Take Me Out to the Holosuite " Vulcan
"Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager: Favorite Son " Taresian Woman
Donnie Brasco Mob Girlfriend
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: ...Nor the Battle to the Strong " Female Guard
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Apocalypse Rising " Klingon

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