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Title Name Role
"Vegas: The Killing " Ann Reese
"Fantasy Island: The Chateau/White Lightning " Vicky Lee
"Trapper John, M.D.: Slim Chance " Ellen
"Barnaby Jones: Focus on Fear " Gwen Haywood
"Fantasy Island: Tattoo: the Love God/Magnolia Blossoms " Myra Collinsky
"The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: Defection to Paradise: Part 2 " Marla
"The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: Defection to Paradise: Part 1 " Marla
"Fantasy Island: Let the Goodtimes Roll/Nightmare/The Tiger " Janine Sanford
"Project U.F.O.: Sighting 4013: The St. Hilary Incident " Sister Lucy Ryker
"Fantasy Island: Reunion/Anniversary " Agnes Wentworth
"Make-Up und Pistolen: Battered Teachers " Karen Vaughn
"Love Boat: Dear Beverly/Strike, The/Special Delivery " Gail Smith
"Westside Medical: Risks " Tina Pelletier
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: To Die in Paradise " Bonnie Jo
"Police Story: Nightmare on a Sunday Morning " Holly Green
"Gemini Man: Escape Hatch " Daphne
Die Insel der Ungeheuer Lorna
Eleanor and Franklin Anna Hall
Crossfire Sheila Fielding
"Thriller: Won't Write Home Mom, I'm Dead " Abby Stevens
"Barnaby Jones: Murder Once Removed " Melissa Morgan/Melinda Pollock
"Petrocelli: The Sleep of Reason " Joan Barth
"Thriller: Screamer " Nicola Stevens
"Medical Center: The Bribe " Gwen
"Mannix: A Fine Day for Dying " Jenny
"Der Magier: The Illusion of the Fatal Arrow " Linda Casey
"Cannon: Where's Jennifer? " Virginia McKeller/Jennifer McKeller/Cyndi Matthews
"Der sechs Millionen Dollar Mann: Operation Firefly " Susan Abbott
"Die Straßen von San Francisco: Crossfire " Peggy Dunnigan
"Love Story: Mirabelle's Summer " Mirabelle Terhune
Satan's School for Girls Elizabeth Sayers
"Medical Center: Time of Darkness " Jessica
Tanz der Totenköpfe Florence Tanner
Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies Shelby
Intertect Amanda Hollister
The Letters Karen Forrester (The Forresters Episode)
"Bonanza: First Love " Kelly Edwards
"Cool Million: Assault on Gavaloni " Holly Hamilton
"The Sixth Sense: I Did Not Mean to Slay Thee " Bonnie
"Ghost Story: Half a Death " Christina Burgess/Lisa Burgess
"Cannon: The Predators " Cindy McBain
Horror-Attack Lori Brandon
"Green Acres: Hawaiian Honeymoon " Pamela Carter
"Medical Center: Secret Heritage " Baby
Tödliche Ferien Jane
"The Name of the Game: Jenny Wilde Is Drowning " Jennifer 'Jenny' Wilde
"ITV Saturday Night Theatre: Mrs. Mouse, Are You Within? " Emma Hill
David Copperfield Dora Spenlow
"Strange Report: Cult: When Murder Shrieks Out " Maggie Jones
Dave - zuhaus in allen Betten Annie
Die besten Jahre der Miss Jean Brodie Sandy
Am Abend des folgenden Tages Dupont's daughter
Jede Nacht um neun Diana
"Quick Before They Catch Us: The Weasel Goes Pop: Part 4 " Kate
"Quick Before They Catch Us: The Weasel Goes Pop: Part 3 " Kate
"Quick Before They Catch Us: The Weasel Goes Pop: Part 1 " Kate
"Quick Before They Catch Us: Mark of Distinction: Part 1 " Kate
"Quick Before They Catch Us: Power of Three: Part 1 " Kate
War es wirklich Mord? Bobbie Medman
"Hallmark Hall of Fame: Eagle in a Cage " Betsy Balcombe
See How They Run Tirza Green
Flippers neue Abenteuer Penny
A Tiger Walks Julie Williams
The Third Secret Catherine Whitset
"Disneyland: The Horse Without a Head: The Key to the Cache " Marian
"Disneyland: The Horse Without a Head: The 100,000,000 Franc Train Robbery " Marian
Patricia und der Löwe Tina
Schloß des Schreckens Flora

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