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Title Name Role
"V - Die Besucher: Serpent's Tooth " Eileen Rounick
"Eureka - Die geheime Stadt: Stoned " Dr. Viccelli
"Life Unexpected: Home Inspected " Jenny
Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball Vicky Salerno
My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure Whimsey
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: The Monster at the End of This Book " Sera Siege
"Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock " Jeanne
"Battlestar Galactica: The Oath " Jeanne
"Battlestar Galactica: A Disquiet Follows My Soul " Jeanne
The Building Lilly
"Battlestar Galactica: Revelations " Jeanne
"Battlestar Galactica: The Road Less Traveled " Jeanne
"Battlestar Galactica: Escape Velocity " Jeanne
"Battlestar Galactica: He That Believeth in Me " Jeanne
Numb Mt. Sinai Nurse
"Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads: Part 2 " Jeanne
"Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads: Part 1 " Jeanne
"Psych: Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder " Priscilla Osterman
Angeklagt - Der Kampf einer Tochter Erin
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: The Usual Suspects " Karen Giles
Her Fatal Flaw Brooke
"Three Moons Over Milford: Confessions of a Dangerous Moon " Hannah
"Stargate: Uninvited " Dr. Redden
Der dunkle Sturm Sam
Das Netz 2.0 Z.Z.
Chaos Marnie Rollins
"Killer Instinct: O Brother, Where Art Thou " Rosie
"4400 - Die Rückkehrer: Mommy's Bosses " Alison Driscoll
"4400 - Die Rückkehrer: The Fifth Page " Alison Driscoll
"The Collector: The Tour Guide " Tour Guide Julia
"Da Vinci's Inquest: A Delicate Bloodbath " Jackie
White Noise - Schreie aus dem Jenseits Mirabelle Keegan
"The Days: Day 1,370: Part 2 " Francesca
"Jake 2.0: Blackout " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Dead Man Walking " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Get Foley " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Upgrade " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Double Agent " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: The Prince and the Revolution " Diane Hughes
Mob Princess Patti
"Jake 2.0: The Spy Who Really Liked Me " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Middleman " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Jerry 2.0 " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Last Man Standing " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: The Good, the Bad, and the Geeky " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Arms and the Girl " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Cater Waiter " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: Training Day " Diane Hughes
"Jake 2.0: The Tech " Diane Hughes
A Problem with Fear Vicky
Final Destination 2 Kat
Blackwoods Dawn/Molly
"Dark Angel: Love in Vein " Rain
40 Tage und 40 Nächte Mandy
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Pretend You Didn't See Me " Jackie
"Cold Squad: Family Ties " Brooke Givens
"Strange Frequency: My Generation " Kim
Stirb später, Liebling Heather
Out of Line - Neben der Spur Claire Carrol
Strange Frequency Kim (segment "My Generation")
Traumpaare - Duets Sheila
"Seven Days - Das Tor zur Zeit: Parker.com " Claire
Doppelmord Boutique Saleswoman
"Beggars and Choosers: The Mountainmen: Part 1 " Audrey Malone
"Beggars and Choosers: The Mountainmen: Part 2 " Audrey Malone
"Night Man: Revelations " Angel
"Night Man: Double Double " Angel in Black
"Viper: Safe House " Charmayne Grimes
"Millennium - Fürchte deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst: Omerta " Lhasa
"Die neue Addams Familie: Morticia's Dilemma " Consuela
"Das Netz - Todesfalle Internet: Jump Vector " Nadine
"First Wave - Die Prophezeiung: Hypnotic " Nicole
"Three - Drei stahlharte Profis: The Games " Eve
"Cold Squad: Rita Brice " Waitress
"Breaker High: Lord of the Butterflies " Yvette
"Viper: The Best Couple " Darlene Ross

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