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Title Name Role
"Head of the Class: Parent's Day " Mrs. Merriman
"Ein Engel auf Erden: The People Next Door " Rachel Pierson
"Barnaby Jones: Run to Death " Bank Clerk
"What's Happening!!: The Benefit Show " Secretary
"Sanford and Son: When John Comes Marching Home " Janet Lawson
Bunco Nickey
The Baron Caroline
"Sanford and Son: Here Today, Gone Today " Janet Lawson
"Sanford and Son: Fred's Extra Job " Janet Lawson
"Sanford and Son: I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz " Janet Lawson
"The Rookies: Deliver Me from Innocence " Teresa Clements
"Sanford and Son: The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice " Janet Lawson
"Sanford and Son: Lamont in Love " Janet Lawson
The Jezebels Muff
Lord Shango Jenny
Auf eigene Gefahr Edie
Mondblut Caroline Newcliffe
Black Mamba The Witch
Der Mann mit der Todeskralle Secretary
Ganja & Hess Ganja
Incident on a Dark Street Rose
"Ein Sheriff in New York: The Barefoot Stewardess Caper " Sabrina Crawford
Slaughter Kim
Der Blob Mariane Hargis
"Twen-Police: The Wild Weekend " Judy
Night of the Cobra Woman Lena Aruza
Clay Pigeon Saddle
"Bonanza: The Desperado " Liza Walter
"The Immortal: The Return " Carol Carver
"Twen-Police: The Song of Willie " Ruthie Rush
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: Epidemic " Lorine
"The Governor & J.J.: Run Ballerina, Run " Diane
Der Hausbesitzer Marlene
"Die Bill Cosby Show: How You Play the Game " Vicki Himbrough
Stop Marlene
Asphalt-Cowboy Girl at Party
Liebling Radio Phone Girl

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