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Title Name Role
Nice Guys Finish Dead Shauna
"Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme: Responsible Parties " Mrs. Casey
"Air America: The Court-Martial of Rio Arnett " Sandra Casey
The Magic of Love Renee's Mother
"Überflieger: Hosed " Wanda Harrison
"New York Cops - NYPD Blue: Girl Talk " Gail Keller
"M.A.N.T.I.S.: The Sea Wasp " Dr. Marissa Savoy
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Murder of the Month Club " Joellen Waller
"Akte X - Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI: Lazarus " Lula Phillips
"Space Rangers: To Be... Or Not to Be " Ree
Drei von ganzem Herzen Allison
Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride Rocky
Inside Out III Susan ("Tango")
Mad at the Moon Sally
Anklage aus dem Jenseits Denise Massell
Inside Out The Psychiatrist (segment "Shrink Rap")
"Over My Dead Body: Obits and Pieces " Sandra Alucard
"Jake und McCabe - Durch dick und dünn: 'Round Midnight " Alex
"Matlock: The Clown " Sheila Carver
"Nick Knight - Der Vampircop: Nick Knight " Janette
"Gnadenlose Jagd: City Under Siege: Part 3 " Iris Smith
"Gnadenlose Jagd: City Under Siege: Part 2 " Iris Smith
"Gnadenlose Jagd: City Under Siege: Part 1 " Iris Smith
Alien Transformations Antonia
"Flugzeugträger U.S.S. Georgetown: Deadly Enemies " Lt. Ruth 'Bee Bee' Ruthkowski
"Cheers: Let Sleeping Drakes Lie " Jennifer McCall
Hell Comes to Frogtown Centinella
"Stingray: One Way Ticket to the End of the Line " Barbara, DEA Agent
Eye of the Eagle Chris Chandler
Silk Jenny Sleighton
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: The Venus Butterfly " Angela Sipriano
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: The House of the Rising Flan " Angela Sipriano
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Pilot " Angela Sipriano
Hollywood Cop Judy
Hardesty House April
Runaway - Spinnen des Todes Hooker
"Der Denver-Clan: A Little Girl " Surgical Nurse
"Knight Rider: Short Notice " Patty Perfect

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