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Title Name Role
"Witchy Ways" Zita
Surprise, Surprise Junie Hannah
"Nip/Tuck - Schönheit hat ihren Preis: Lulu Grandiron " Marla Middleton
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Donna Carew
Quiet Kill Sheila Mason
Shakedown Agent Neal
"Hang Time: At the Movies " Sheila
Sacrifice Margaret Sackett
"Pensacola - Flügel aus Stahl: Pensacola Shootout " Sam Hollings
"Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thinking of You/Mama's Soup Pot/The Letter " David's Mother
"Hang Time: Shall We Dance? " Sheila
"Hang Time: Too Good to Be True " Sheila
"Malibu, CA: The Older Woman " Dr. Bloom
Blood Type Mrs. Dow
Lone Greasers Charity
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: Avenging Angel " Julia McNamara
"High Tide - Ein cooles Duo: Open House " Grace Warner
"High Tide - Ein cooles Duo: The Old Flame " Grace Warner
"High Tide - Ein cooles Duo: The Booster Club " Grace Warner
"High Tide - Ein cooles Duo: Starting Over " Grace Warner
Blind Vision - Tödliche Leidenschaft Leanne Dunaway
"The Clinic" Erica Nettle
Der schwarze Fluch - Tödliche Leidenschaften Inka Marlowe
Silk Degrees Alex Ramsey
Circuitry Man Kyle
"Hollywood Women: Fear and Violence " Talking head/soundbites
"Hollywood Women: Glitz and Glamour " Talking head/soundbites
Sins of the Night - Gefährtin der Nacht Roxanne Flowers
Parfüm des Todes Grace Lantel
Nemesis Julian
"Get a Life: Married " Nicolette Preston
Velvet Dreams - Wenn Träume tödlich enden Liz Winters
Zärtliche Chaoten II Sandy Wagner
"Dallas: Fall of the House of Ewing " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Two-Fifty " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel " Mandy Winger
Hunk O'Brien
"Dallas: Something Old, Something New " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Proof Positive " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball? " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Second Time Around " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Territorial Imperative " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Trompe L'Oeil " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Enigma " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Once and Future King " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Pari Per Sue " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Return to Camelot: Part 1 " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Return to Camelot: Part 2 " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Hello... Goodbye... Hello " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Serendipity " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: J.R. Rising " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Nothing's Ever Perfect " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Sitting Ducks " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Dire Straits " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Missing " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Blame It on Bogota " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Deadly Game " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Twenty-Four Hours " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Missing Link " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Curiosity Killed the Cat " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Prize " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Suffer the Little Children " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Close Encounters " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Quandary " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Wind of Change " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Saving Grace " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Those Eyes " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Rock Bottom " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Swan Song " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Deliverance " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Deeds and Misdeeds " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Terms of Estrangement " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Sentences " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Verdict " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Trial & Error " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Dead Ends " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Shattered Dreams " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: The Brothers Ewing " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Sins of the Fathers " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Legacy of Hate " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Bail Out " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Winds of War " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Lockup in Laredo " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Odd Man Out " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Deja Vu " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Do You Take This Woman? " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Barbecue Five " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Charlie " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Shadows " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Oil Baron's Ball III " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Homecoming " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Shadow of a Doubt " Mandy Winger
Der Tod kommt zweimal Gloria Revelle
"Dallas: Family " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: Jamie " Mandy Winger
"Dallas: If at First You Don't Succeed " Mandy Winger
"The Yellow Rose: The Far Side of Fear " Juliette Hollister
"The Yellow Rose: Debt of Honor " Juliette Hollister
"Legmen: How the Other Half Dies " Susan Kingston
"The Yellow Rose: Sacred Ground " Juliette Hollister
"Trio mit vier Fäusten: Hatchet Job " Carol Davis
"The Yellow Rose: Divide and Conquer " Juliette Hollister
"The Yellow Rose: Only the Proud " Juliette Hollister
"The Yellow Rose: A Question of Love " Juliette Hollister
"The Yellow Rose: Trail's End " Juliette Hollister
"The Yellow Rose: Moving Targets " Juliette Hollister
"Love Boat: Friend of the Family/Affair on Demand/Just Another Pretty Face " Leslie
"The Yellow Rose: When Honor Dies " Juliette Hollister
"The A-Team: The Only Church in Town " Gayle
"Cheers: Show Down: Part 1 " Debbie
"Ein Colt für alle Fälle: Death Boat " Sally Before Surgery
Das Monster aus der Tiefe Madeline Grice
"Fantasy Island: Forget Me Not/The Quiz Masters " Sally
"T.J. Hooker: The Protectors " Lacy Canfield
"Fantasy Island: House of Dolls/Wuthering Heights " Sally
"The Yeagers: Only the Strong Survive " Joanna Yeager
Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women Bambi
"The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: Run for the Money: Part 3 " FBI Agent Ginger Adams
"The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: Run for the Money: Part 2 " FBI Agent Ginger Adams
"B.J. und der Bär: Run for the Money " FBI Agent Ginger Adams
"Mrs. Columbo: Ladies of the Afternoon " Ina Dellinger
Anomalo fortio Captain's Wife

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