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Title Name Role
"Switched at Birth: Portrait of My Father " Denise
"9ine" Dolores Goodall
"Love Me or Leave Me" Dominique Adams
Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed Asia
"Ghost Whisperer - Stimmen aus dem Jenseits: The Children's Parade " Jacqueline
Preacher's Kid Desiree
My Girlfriend's Back Vanessa
"Sherri: Indecision '09 " Celia
"Sherri: Thanks-for-Not-for-Nothing-Giving " Celia
"Sherri: Game Changer " Celia
"Sherri: 4 Women and a Baby " Celia
"Sherri: Birth " Celia
"Sherri: Stronger " Celia
"Sherri: All in the Timing " Celia
"Lincoln Heights: With You I Will Leave " Dana
"Sherri: Dating Dad " Celia
"Sherri: There Is No 'I' in Church " Celia
"Sherri: Lost Weekend " Celia
"Sherri: Thrown for a Hoop " Celia
"Sherri: I Have a Dreamboard " Celia
"Sherri: Pilot " Celia
"Lincoln Heights: Persons of Interest " Dana
"Lincoln Heights: The Day Before Tomorrow " Dana
"Just Jordan: Boogie Toasties " Crystal
"Just Jordan: Lord of the Pies " Crystal
"Lincoln Heights: Tricks and Treats " Dana Taylor
"Lincoln Heights: Manchild " Dana Clemmons
"Immer wieder Jim: The Punch " Ms. Crawford
"Cuts: Adult Education " Professor Duncan
"Immer wieder Jim: The Race " Ms. Crawford
"Barbershop: The Politics of Money " Lea Robinson
Good Vibrations Tiffany
"Barbershop: Family Bussiness " Lea Robinson
"Immer wieder Jim: Foul Ball " Ms. Crawford
"Barbershop: A Black Man Invented the Stop Light " Lea Robinson
The Fabric of a Man Domunique Majors
"J.A.G. - Im Auftrag der Ehre: Fair Winds and Following Seas " Lt. Clarize Boyette
"Rock Me, Baby: Go, Otis! It's Your Birthday! " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Singing for Your Supper " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Kiss and Don't Tell " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Two's Company, Four's a Crowd " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Love at First Flight " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: I Love You, You Don't Love Me " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Who's Your Da-Da? " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Ca-Pam! " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Not-So-Grand Parents " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Look Who's Talking " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Pretty Baby " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Trading Spaces " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Prior Engagement " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: The Difference Between Men and Women " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Girl Power " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: A Pain in the Aspen " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Pretty in Pink Eye " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Ring of Fire " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Shift Shaft " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Would I Lie to You? " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Coupling " Pam Gibson
"Rock Me, Baby: Pilot " Pam Gibson
"Fastlane: Things Done Changed " Rosaria
"For Your Love: The Green-Eyed Monster " Vanessa
"For Your Love: The Friend in Need " Vanessa
"Friends: The One with Monica's Boots " The Teacher
"Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Showdown: Part 1 " Erika Carter
"Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Showdown: Part 2 " Erika Carter
Semper Fi - Treu bis in den Tod Maria Velez
"Grown Ups: Nerds of a Feather Gawk Together " Melissa
Playing Mona Lisa Alice
"Grown Ups: J's Pet Peeve " Melissa
"Walker, Texas Ranger: Justice Delayed " Erika Carter
"New York Life - Endlich im Leben!: The Time They Had Not " Casey House
"Grown Ups: Family Circus " Melissa
"Grown Ups: Truth Be Told " Melissa
"Felicity: Friends " Tara Owens
"Guys Like Us" Bridget Cole
"Alle unter einem Dach: Polkapalooza " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Whose Man Is It Anyway? " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book? " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Out with the Old " Greta McClure
"Practice - Die Anwälte: Pilot " Rachel Reynolds
"Alle unter einem Dach: Le jour d'amour " Greta McClure
Jagd auf das Chamäleon Xantha Kent
"Alle unter einem Dach: Beauty and the Beast " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Nightmare at Urkel Oaks " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Home Again " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Getting Buff " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Swine Lake " Greta McClure
"The Wayans Bros.: Getting It " Amy
"Alle unter einem Dach: She's Back " Greta McClure
"Alle unter einem Dach: Walking My Baby Back Home " Greta McClure
Divas Lynette
"Living Single: The Ex-File " Melody
"On Our Own: The Easy Way " Loretta
"Alle unter einem Dach: My Bodyguard " Greta McClure
Die Brady Family Danielle
"Zeit der Sehnsucht: Episode #1.7462" Wendy Reardon
"Echt super, Mr. Cooper: The Ringer " Patrice
"Zeit der Sehnsucht" Wendy Reardon #2 (1994-1996)
"In der Hitze der Nacht: A Matter of Justice " Chelsea Clark
Mord in Newman County - Böses Blut Chelsea Clark
"Harlem Hip Hop: Dontay's Inferno " Dontay
"Zurück in die Vergangenheit: A Song for the Soul - April 7, 1963 " Lynell Walters
"Alle unter einem Dach: The Love God " Jenny
The Five Heartbeats Matthew's Kids
"TV 101: Kangaroo Gate " Student
"The Bronx Zoo: Behind Closed Doors " Aimee
"Charles in Charge: Baby Doll " Tammy
"Noch Fragen Arnold?: Beauty Is in the Eye of Arnold " Sara

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