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Title Name Role
"Lead Balloon: Lucky " Siobhan
"Broken News: Tomato Flu " Paula Kay (PVS -- Network Reporter)
"The Golden Hour: Episode #1.2" Reporter
"Gerichtsmediziner Dr. Leo Dalton: Nowhere Fast: Part 2 " Hallam Reporter
"Gerichtsmediziner Dr. Leo Dalton: Nowhere Fast: Part 1 " Hallam Reporter
"Absolute Power: Pope Idol " Caroline
"Gerichtsmediziner Dr. Leo Dalton: The Fall Out: Part 2 " News Reporter
"Gerichtsmediziner Dr. Leo Dalton: The Fall Out: Part 1 " News Reporter
"The RDA: Episode #2.28" Desk Correspondent
"Bruiser: Touchy Pants " Grieving Friend/A-Level Program Presenter/Indiscreet Man's Wife/Pixel Guy's Friend/Groupie/Office Prankster
"Bruiser: Get Me Roger Slippers " A-Level Program Presenter/Girl Chatting About Sex/French Artist
"Bruiser: Love Golf " Pretty Girl/Motorist/Woman - Well-Wishing Cyclist Sketch/Sue - Office Worker/A-Level Program Presenter/Roger's Date/Tash - Young Hollywood Actress/Rachel - Jewish Actress/ Girl - Clowning Man Sketch
"Bruiser: Not Now, Darling " Travel Agent/Girl Chatting About Sex/Shirley - Fat Actress/Girl in Carpet Store
"Bruiser: Nutty Puppet Mayhem " Girl Chatting About Sex/A-Level Program Presenter/Daisy/Dame Julie Dacre/French Woman/Paul's Wife
"Bruiser: Putchek's Revenge " Sheila/Sarah/French Artist/A-Level Program Presenter/Woman Calling Devil

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