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Title Name Role
Meeting Helen Helen
"Ronni Ancona & Co.: Episode #1.2" Various Roles
Marple: Nemesis Rowena Waddy
"Barnaby: The Animal Within " Janet Bailey
Born Equal Sandra
"Nova: Einstein's Big Idea " Lise Meitner
Ian Fleming: Bondmaker Ann Fleming
E=mc² - Einsteins große Idee Lise Meitner
The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse Lindsay
Italienische Verführung Kelly
Davids wundersame Welt Ruth Wiseman
Silent Cry Rachel Stewart
"Daylight Robbery 2" Paula Sullivan
Pandaemonium Dorothy Wordsworth
Going Going Anna
"Oliver Twist: In Which All Is Revealed... " Nancy
"Oliver Twist: Wherein Oliver Is Educated by His Friend Fagin and Delivered Over to Mr. William Sikes " Nancy
"Oliver Twist: Containing Fresh Discoveries, and Shewing That Surprises, Like Misfortunes, Seldom Come Alone " Nancy
"Daylight Robbery" Paula Sullivan
Passion - Extreme Leidenschaft Karen Holten
Lover oder Loser Alice
Fast Food Letitia
"Killer Net: Episode #1.4" Susie
Velvet Goldmine Shannon
"Killer Net: Episode #1.3" Susie
"Killer Net: Episode #1.2" Susie
"Killer Net: Episode #1.1" Susie
The Woodlanders Grace Melbury
Der Elfengarten Linda
Ganz oder gar nicht Mandy
"New Voices: Dance for a Stranger" Jane
"Casualty: Turning Point " WDC Dawn Morris
"Middlemarch: Episode #1.4" Lydgate Maid
"Middlemarch: Episode #1.3" Lydgate's Maid
"Middlemarch: Episode #1.7" Lydgate's Maid

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