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Title Name Role
"The New Adventures of Old Christine: Truth or Dare " Emily
Ice Age 3 - Die Dinosaurier sind los Start Mom
Shopaholic - Die Schnäppchenjägerin Miss Ptaszinski
Motherhood Lily
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Trade " Heaven Moscowitz
"Andy Barker, P.I.: The Big No Sleep " Jenny Barker
"Andy Barker, P.I.: The Lady Varnishes " Jenny Barker
Verführung einer Fremden Gina
"Andy Barker, P.I.: Dial M for Laptop " Jenny Barker
"Andy Barker, P.I.: Three Days of the Chicken " Jenny Barker
"Andy Barker, P.I.: Fairway, My Lovely " Jenny Barker
"Andy Barker, P.I.: Pilot " Jenny Barker
Ice Age 2 - Jetzt taut's Female Mini Sloth/Dung Beetle Mom
Superstore Joan
"Pepper Ann: The Finale " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: The Word/The Perfect Couple " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: Unhappy Campers/The Search for Pepper Ann Pearson " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: Moose in Love/Two's Company " Nicky Little
"Madigan Men: Pilot " Wendy
"Pepper Ann: Forging Ahead/Reality Bytes " Nicky Little
Tom Sawyer Amy Lawrence
"Pepper Ann: The Way They Were " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: The Amazing Becky Little " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: Bye, Bye Trinket/P.A.'s Pop Fly " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: Remote Possibilities/Considering Constance " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: Sammy's Song/Permanent Record " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: The Sellout/The Telltale Fuzzy " Nicky Little
"Pepper Ann: Pepper Shaker/Flaw and Order " Nicky Little
The Office Party Grace
"Pepper Ann: Beyond Good and Evel/One of the Guys " Nicky Little
"Die Biber Brüder: Tough Love/A Little Dad'll Do Ya " Wanda/Actress
"Tracey Takes On...: Road Rage " Carol
"Maggie Winters: Girls Night Out " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Suffering Estelle " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Working Robin " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: You'll Never Walk Alone in This Town Again " Rachel Tomlinson
"Pepper Ann: Impractical Jokes/Cold Feet " Nicky Little
"Maggie Winters: When Sonny Gets Blue " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Dinner at Rachel's " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Angstgiving Day " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: And Those Who Can't " Rachel Tomlinson
"Pepper Ann: Presenting Stewart Waldinger/Pepper Ann's Life in a Nutshell " Nicky Little
"Maggie Winters: Friend or Faux " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Singles Night " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Suburban Myth " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Mama's Got a Brand New Bag " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Likable Maggie " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Maggie's Master Plan " Rachel Tomlinson
"Maggie Winters: Total Eclipse " Rachel Tomlinson
"Ellen: Vows " (credit only)
"Ellen: When Ellen Talks, People Listen " (credit only)
"Ellen: Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute: Part 1 " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute: Part 2 " Audrey Penney
Scotch and Milk Ilsa
"Ellen: Hospital " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay World! " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Neighbors " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen in Focus " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Escape from L.A. " Audrey Penney
"Pepper Ann: Nicky Gone Bad/In Support Of " Nicky Little
"Ellen: The Funeral " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Womyn Fest " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Break Up " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: All Ellen, All the Time " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Like a Virgin " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Emma " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Public Display of Affection " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: G.I. Ellen " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Just Coffee? " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Gay Yellow Pages " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Roommates " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Social Climber " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Guys or Dolls " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Moving On " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Puppy Episode: Part 1 " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Puppy Episode: Part 2 " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Clip Show Patient " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Reversal of Misfortune " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Secrets & Ellen " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Hello, Dalai " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen's Deaf Comedy Jam " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen Unplugged " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Makin' Whoopie " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Joe's Kept Secret " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Alone Again... Naturally " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Bowl, Baby, Bowl " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Kiss My Bum " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Pregnancy Test " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Fleas Navidad " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Not So Great Expectations " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Harold and Ellen " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Bubble Gum Incident " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Looking Out for Number One " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Parent Trap " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Splitsville, Man " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: A Deer Head for Joe " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Give Me Equity or Give Me Death " Audrey Penney
The Rich Man's Wife Nora Golden
"Ellen: When the Vow Breaks: Part 2 " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: When the Vow Breaks: Part 1 " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Go Girlz " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Two Mammograms and a Wedding " Audrey Penney
Diabolisch Lisa Campos
"Ellen: Too Hip for the Room " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: A Penney Saved... " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Two Ring Circus " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Lobster Diary " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen: With Child " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Witness " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Oh, Sweet Rapture " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Morgan, P.I. " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Horschak's Law " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Do You Fear What I Fear? " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen's Choice " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: What's Up, Ex-Doc? " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Movie Show " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Salad Days " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: She Ain't Friendly, She's My Mother " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Trick or Treat - Who Cares? " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Hello, I Must Be Going " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Bridges of L.A. County " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Shower Scene " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: These Successful Friends of Mine " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Shake, Rattle and Rubble " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Thirty Kilo Man: Part 2 " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Thirty Kilo Man: Part 1 " Audrey Penney
"Double Rush: Love Letters " Danielle
"Verrückt nach dir: Purseona " Salesgirl
"Ellen: Gladiators " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Sleep Clinic " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Guns 'N Ellen " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: The Apartment Hunt " Audrey Penney
"Ellen: Ellen's New Friend " Audrey Penney
"Friends: The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate " Franny
"Ellen: The Anchor " Audrey Penney
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Long Goodbye " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The People That Time Forgot " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Spy Who Came in from the Old " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Bride of Marsh Man 2: The Spawning " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Unforgiving " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: My Dinner with Brad Schimmel " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Escape to New York " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Player " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Panic in Neil's Park " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Ted Over Heels " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Dad " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: A Woman Under the Influence " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Secret of My Great Dress " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Heartbreak ID " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Lovers and Other Strangers " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Desperately Seeking Alicia " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Prelude to a Brisket " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: The Week of Living Dangerously " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Single White Eurotrash " Megan
Ein ganz normaler Held Sylvia
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Crazy for You... and You " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Smiles of a Summer Night " Megan
"Küss mich, Kleiner!: Pilot " Megan
"Der Prinz von Bel-Air: Hilary Gets a Life " Krista
"Doogie Howser: It's a Wonderful Laugh " Lyla

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