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Title Name Role
"Star Trek: New Voyages: Enemy: Starfleet! " Alersa
"Star Trek: New Voyages: In Harms Way " Veronica
Noriega - Gottes Liebling oder Monster? Mama
"Sunset Beach: Episode #1.466" Sydney
"Sunset Beach: Episode #1.450" Sydney
"Sunset Beach: Episode #1.447" Sydney
"Sunset Beach: Episode #1.446" Sydney
"Sunset Beach: Episode #1.440" Sydney
Immer Ärger im Paradies Mrs. Wing
Lady Against the Odds Lily Norton
"Dallas: Smooth Operator " Carmen Esperanza
"Gnadenlose Jagd: The Nightmare " Bernadette Lopez
"Polizeibericht: Dead Samaritan " Martine Lawrence
"Die Bill Cosby Show: Birthday Blues " Cynthia
"In geheimer Mission: The Fortune " Emilia Berezan
"One Life to Live" Maria Vasquez Roberts (1986-1987)
"Airwolf: Birds of Paradise " Isela Arragon
"Search for Tomorrow" Anna Ryder (1985)
"T.J. Hooker: Outcall " Barbara Canton
The Concrete Jungle Cat
"Drei Engel für Charlie: Attack Angels " Cynthia Weaver
"Buck Rogers: The Guardians " Koori
"Freebie and the Bean: Lover Come Back " Rita Valdez
"Buck Rogers: Time of the Hawk " Koori
"Fantasy Island: Jungle Man/Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate " Cora
"Fantasy Island: Baby/Marathon: Battle of the Sexes " Mary
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: A Lion in the Streets " Elena Kamoku
Pleasure Cove Gayle Tyler
"Spider-Man - Der Spinnenmensch: Escort to Danger " Lisa Alvarez
"Project U.F.O.: Sighting 4002: The Joshua Flats Incident " Helen Ramirez
"Die Zwei mit dem Dreh: The Tong " Sgt. Ellen Lee, SFPD
"Die Zwei mit dem Dreh: The Hemline Heist " Chicana
"Der sechs Millionen Dollar Mann: Vulture of the Andes " Leslie Morales
Brenda Starr Luisa Santamaria
"Petrocelli: Five Yards of Trouble " Dorothy
They Only Come Out at Night Receptionist
Wives Miss Chin
"Cannon: Lady on the Run " Maria Costello
"Police Story: The Man in the Shadows " Gloria
"Kung Fu: A Lamb to the Slaughter " Isela
The Hanged Man Soledad Villegas
"Mannix: Silent Target " Elena
"Dr. med. Marcus Welby: A Question of Fault " Serita
The Gatling Gun Leona
Gentle Savage Gayle
Terror in Block C Leila
"Cannon: Flight Plan " Ana
"Love, American Style: Love and the Married Bachelor/Love and the Sweet Sixteen/Love and the Vacation/Love and the Well-Groomed Bride " (segment "Love and the Sweet Sixteen")
"The Most Deadly Game: War Games " Anna
"Die jungen Anwälte: The Glass Prison " Stella Acosta
Two Boys Sally
"Lancer: Lifeline " Anna
"Kobra, übernehmen Sie: Time Bomb " Wai Lee
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead! " Yoko
Che! Anita Marquez
"FBI: The Young Warriors " Jenny Fisher
Die fünf Vogelfreien Meli
"Big Valley: Miranda " Miranda
"High Chaparral: The Firing Wall " Conchita
"Solo für O.N.K.E.L.: The Man from THRUSH Affair " Marnya
"Tarzan: The Maguma Curse " Frankie McVeigh
"Raumschiff Enterprise: Mirror, Mirror " Marlena
"Der Marshall von Cimarron: The Legend of Jud Starr " Roseanne Todd
"Invasion von der Wega: Storm " Lisa
Winchester 73 Meriden
"FBI: The Gray Passenger " Barbara Reyes
"Kobra, übernehmen Sie: Elena " Elena Maria Del Barra
"Laredo: Coup de Grace " Carmella Alveras
"FBI: Special Delivery " Linda Rodriguez
"Ben Casey: The Man from Quasilia " Teresa Bedoya
"Amos Burke: Nightmare in the Sun " Consuelo Menardez, 'La Tigra'
"Verrückter wilder Westen: The Night of the Deadly Bed " Gatita
Das Narrenschiff Amparo
Synanon Mary
Der Wilde von Montana Marietta
Calhoun: County Agent Felicia del Valle
"The Outer Limits: It Crawled Out of the Woodwork " Gaby Christian
Die Strolche von Mexiko Juanita
"G.E. True: Five Tickets to Hell " Cotita
"The Wide Country: Farewell to Margarita " Margarita Diaz
"Sprung aus den Wolken: A Present for Felipe " Domi Dias
Five Weeks in a Balloon Makia
"The Beachcomber: Captain Huckabee's Beard " Delly
"Hawaiian Eye: Payoff " Tia Kuno
"Rauchende Colts: He Learned About Women " Chavela
"Chicago 1930: The Death Tree " Magda Bartok
"Alcoa Premiere: The Hour of the Bath " Beky
Der Teufel kommt um vier Camille
"Gunslinger: The Death of Yellow Singer " Elise
"Stagecoach West: The Big Gun " Chiquita
"Anwalt der Gerechtigkeit: Girls Wanted " Angel Valez
"Assignment: Underwater: A Matter of Honor " Ruby Lee
"Adventures in Paradise: Away from It All " Tapou
Elmer Gantry Prostitute
"Im wilden Westen: Pete Kitchen's Wedding " Dona Rosa
"Tales of Wells Fargo: Vasquez " Rosita
"Overland Trail: Mission into Mexico " Estrelita
"Hawaiian Eye: Sword of the Samurai " Michiko
"Bonanza: El Toro Grande " Cayetena Losaro
"Hawaiian Eye: The Koa Man " Susan Chang
"Chicago 1930: Mexican Stake-Out " Lucita
"Der Texaner: Showdown at Abilene " Female Indian
"Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: So Tender, So Profane " Emelia
Der blaue Engel Chorus Girl
Cry Tough Tina
"Zorro: Ambush " Theresa, the Tamale Peddler
"Zorro: Zorro and the Flag of Truce " Theresa, the Tamale Peddler
"Zorro: An Eye for an Eye " Theresa, the Tamale Peddler
"Zorro: The New Order " Theresa, the Tamale Peddler
"Perry Mason: The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant " Rikki Stevens
Panzer-Spähtrupp Totenkopf Nikko
"Have Gun - Will Travel: Silver Convoy " Lupita
"Meet McGraw: The Long Aloha " Yoshiko Ross
"Mike Hammer: So That's Who It Was " Lily Yu

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