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Title Name Role
"Scrubs - Die Anfänger: My Urologist " Anastasia
Lüsterne Vampire Jenny's Mother
Ice Cream Man Woman in Market
"Adam" Guest
Out for Blood Contess Draculust
True Confessions of Tori Welles Jill
Girlfriends Fully-clothed director at end
The Scarlet Mistress Kim
Vogue Tori
Bad Wives Lucy Ryan
Coming of Age Tina
Double Take Sam
Head Lock Princess of the Night
Live in Love In Moonchild
Night Trips Tori Welles
Sleeping Beauty Aroused Marvella, The Witch
Splash Shots Carol Jones
The Chameleon Diana
The Invisible Girl Student
The Outlaw The Outlaw
Torrid House Sonya
Torrid Without a Cause Tori Dickinson

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