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Title Name Role
"Wansapanataym: Aurora's Oras" Aurora's Ma
"Buhawi Jack: Buhawi Jack Tries to Save the Love of Her Life, Vera " Mildred/Ferenze
"Buhawi Jack: Jack and Vera Are Held Hostage by Firenze in the Cave " Mildred/Ferenze
"Buhawi Jack: Jack Already Found the Place Where the Cave Is Located " Mildred/Ferenze
"Buhawi Jack: Mildred Reveals Her True Identity " Mildred/Ferenze
"Buhawi Jack: The Enemies Try to Kidnap Dino to Stop Jack and Vera from Obtaining the Treasure " Mildred
"Buhawi Jack: The Harobawa " Mildred
"Buhawi Jack: Foes Shed Their True Colors as Jack and Vera Continue Their Magical Adventure " Mildred
"Buhawi Jack: Dino Joins Jack and the Gang in Their Next Destination to Save Their Father " Mildred
"Buhawi Jack: Jack Begins His Quest by Finding the Starting Point of the Map " Mildred
"Buhawi Jack: Buhawi Searches for the Valuable Treasure That Can Save His Father's Life " Mildred
"Star Confessions: Tisay: The Lala Montelibano Confession " Vicky
"Maalaala mo kaya: Plane Ticket" Francisca Trillo
Babe, I Love You Lala Sanchez
"My Darling Aswang" Tasha
Walang hanggang paalam Maria's mother in old photograph
"The Wedding" Natalie Aquino
Independencia Mother
T2 Rita
"Parekoy" Lucy
Yanggaw Inday Villacin
"Eva Fonda" Joel's mother
Close to You Lance's Mother
Ilusyon Miguel's mother Lucretia
"Basta't kasama kita" Marina Lagdameo
"Sa dulo ng walang hanggan" Consuelo
Deathfight Noi
Sakay Elena
Okay ka, fairy ko! Part 2 Muñita
Okay ka, fairy ko! Muñita
Indio 2 - Die Revolte Mrs. Morrell
Mission Manila Maria
"Yellowthread Street: The Lost Man " Mary Ho
Rikky and Pete Flossie
"Okay ka, fairy ko!" Muñita (1987)
Das Chaoten-Team Lily
"Ohara: Terry " Deanna
Geschenkt ist noch zu teuer Florinda Fielding
Der Smaragdwald Caya
Asia Mission Princess Rubali
Taifun der Zärtlichkeit Lee
Desire Bessie
Sambahin ang ngalan mo Freda

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