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Title Name Role
"Sliders - Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension: Just Say Yes " Dr. Helena Malone
"Mike Hammer, Private Eye: A New Leaf: Part 2 " Birdie Spencer
"Palm Beach-Duo: Teacher's Pet " Dana Richards
"Melrose Place: The Accidental Doctor " Woman at Carter's Party
"Babylon 5: Grey 17 Is Missing " Supervisor
Agent 00 Agent Moffat
"Strange Luck - Dem Zufall auf der Spur: The Liver Wild " Chance's Mother
"Legend: Birth of a Legend " Kate Sullivan
Firehawk - Operation Intercept T.A. stewardess
"Iron Man: The Wedding of Iron Man " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank
"Iron Man: Origin of Iron Man: Part 2 " Wanda Frank/Scarlet Witch
"Iron Man: Origin of Iron Man: Part 1 " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank
"Iron Man: Iron Man to the Second Power: Part 2 " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank/Starlet
"Iron Man: Iron Man to the Second Power: Part 1 " Scarlet Witch
"Iron Man: Defection of Hawkeye " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank/Armor Computer
"Fantastic Four: Superskrull " Commander Lyja/Five Year Old
"Iron Man: Origin of the Mandarin " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank/Armor Computer
"Iron Man: Enemy Within, Enemy Without " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank
"Fantastic Four: The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus: Part 1 " High Fashion Model/Female Compter Voice
"Iron Man: The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank/Radar Technician
"Fantastic Four: Incursion of the Skrulls " Commander Lyja/Skrull Paratrooper #3
"Iron Man: Silence My Companion, My Death Destination " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank/Rachel/Second Girlfriend
"Iron Man: Data In, Chaos Out " Wanda Frank/Scarlet Witch
"Iron Man: Rejoice! I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank
"Iron Man: And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead " Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank/Radar Technician
"One West Waikiki: Along Came a Spider " Sue's Sister
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Necessary Evil " Pallra
"Überflieger: Stop in the Name of Love " Woman
"In der Hitze der Nacht: Legacy " Amy Sloan
"The New WKRP in Cincinnati: Here Comes Everybody: Part 2 " Edna Grinbody
"The New WKRP in Cincinnati: Here Comes Everybody: Part 1 " Edna Grinbody
"Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert: The Game " Etana Jol
"Ein gesegnetes Team: The Reasonable Doubt Mystery " Karen Howard
Perry Mason: The Case of the Poisoned Pen Rebecca Austin
"A Peaceable Kingdom: Lone Wolf " Sarah
"Freddy's Nightmares: The Bride Wore Red " Red
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Benedict Arnold Slipped Here " Lauren Hastings
"Probe: Untouched by Human Hands " Liz Layton
"Ohara: What's in a Name " Diane Davis
"J.J. Starbuck: Pilot " Cherise
"Harrys wundersames Strafgericht: Paternity " Marilyn Scott
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: A Plan of Action " Deborah Kensington
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: Never Trick a Trickster " Deborah Kensington
"SideKicks - Karate Kid & Co: Just for Kicks " Monica
"Gnadenlose Jagd: The Contract " Laura Hennesey
"Der Mann vom anderen Stern: Society's Pet " Samantha
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday " Millicent Moore
Der Prinz von Bel Air Kelli
"Simon und Simon: The Skull of Nostradamus " Maggie Hopkins
International Airport Marjorie Lucas
"Love Boat: Love on the Line/Don't Call Me Gopher/Her Honor, the Mayor " Janet Thompson
"Ein Duke kommt selten allein: When You Wish Upon a Hogg " Trixie
"Knight Rider: Knight in Disgrace " Linda
"Hawaiian Heat: Ice Cream Man " Valerie Carr
"Boone: The Runaway " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Front Line " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: Hard to Get " Susannah Sawyer
"Mike Hammer: Negative Image " Joanna Wells
"Boone: Words and Music " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Auction " Susannah Sawyer
"Fantasy Island: Random Choices/My Mother, the Swinger " Angie Gordon
"Boone: Chance of a Lifetime " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Graduation " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Decision " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Trial " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: Banjo " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Last Dance " Susannah Sawyer
"Boone: The Monument " Susannah Sawyer
"The A-Team: The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas " Darlene
"Boone: Second Fiddle " Susannah Sawyer
"CHiPs: Speedway Fever " Jean
Das Engelsgesicht - Drei Nächte des Grauens Amanda Platt
"Simon und Simon: The Hottest Ticket in Town " Dianne Pierce
"CHiPs: 11-99: Officer Needs Help " Kathie
"Boomer, der Streuner: Boomer and Miss 21st Century " Pam
"Drei Engel für Charlie: Angel in Hiding " Louise
"Quincy: Hot Ice " Joanie Powell - Miss Omaha/Miss Coroner
Raquet - Aufschlag ins Glück Melissa
"B.J. und der Bär: Lobo's Revenge " Barbara Sue
"What Really Happened to the Class of '65?: The Most Likely to Succeed " Cheryl
"Quincy: The Deadly Connection " Nancy Porter
"The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: The Strange Fate of Flight 608 " Louise

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