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Title Name Role
In the Drink Jennifer
Star Stories Britney Spears/Nicole Richie/Angelina Jolie/Jessica Simpson/Dina Lohan
"Online Nation: Episode #1.3" Jeremy's Girlfriend
In the Land of Merry Misfits Heather
"Scrubs - Die Anfänger: My House " Sarah
"Campus Ladies: Barri & Joan Rush a Black Sorority " Phoebe
"Campus Ladies: Webcam " Phoebe
"Campus Ladies: A Very Special Episode " Phoebe
Comedy Central Thanksgiving Wiikend: Thanksgiving Island Bixby Daughter
"Campus Ladies: Safety Bathroom " Phoebe
"Campus Ladies: Lesbian Lovers " Phoebe
"Campus Ladies: Pilot " Phoebe
"Campus Ladies: Spring Break " Phoebe
Verliebt in eine Hexe Auditioning Actress
"Crossballs: The Debate Show: Voting Electible Dysfunction " Teen
Taco Bender Jennifer
"Leap of Faith: Peeps " Sarah
"Men, Women & Dogs: A Bulldog Scorned " Pamela
"Hinterm Mond gleich links: Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 1 " Prudence
"Titus: The Last Noelle " Noelle
Was Frauen wollen Meg Ryan Lookalike
"Charmed: All Halliwell's Eve " Sally
"X-Factor: The Music Box" Ellen
The Day Before Katie
"Pretender: PTB " Patricia Marie Lorenz
"Party of Five: Fam-i-ly " Sally
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: Secrets " Liz
"Buffy - Im Bann der Dämonen: Beauty and the Beasts " Debbie Foley
"Auf schlimmer und ewig: Love Letters " Jennifer
"Ein ganz normaler Heiliger: A Bloody Miracle " Nun
"The Weird Al Show: The Obligatory Holiday Episode " Cousin Corky
"The Weird Al Show: Al Plays Hooky " Cousin Corky
"The Weird Al Show: Talent Show " Cousin Corky
"The Weird Al Show: Because I Said So " Cousin Corky
"The Weird Al Show: One for the Record Books " Corky
"The Weird Al Show: Time Machine " Cousin Corky
"The Weird Al Show: Promises, Promises " Cousin Corky
"Night Stand: Really Real World " Megan
"Bone Chillers: Frankenturkey" Tiffany
"Bone Chillers: Frankenturky" Tiffany
Das Grauen aus der Tiefe Kim Parker
"Bone Chillers: Art Intimidates Life " Tiffany
"Bone Chillers: Back to School " Tiffany
Dead Beat Girl at School
Anytime Jade

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