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Title Name Role
Sebastian Pamela Boyd
"Fear Clinic: Claustrophobia " Nurse Owens
"Fear Clinic: Entomophobia " Nurse Owens
"Fear Clinic: Hydrophobia " Nurse Owens
"Fear Clinic: Misophobia " Nurse Owens
"Fear Clinic: Scotophobia " Nurse Owens
Savage Ellen Fremont
The Intruders Sofia Drake
"Big Shots: Tall, Dark and Hairless " Waxer
"Big Shots: Pilot " Waxer
Unauthorized Brady Bunch: The Final Days Florence Henderson/Carol Brady
Les nouvelles aventures de Chastity Blade Chastity Blade
"VH-1 Where Are They Now?: Horror Movie Stars " Alice
Watchers Reborn Grace
"Chicago Hope - Endstation Hoffnung: Psychodrama " Eden Candle
"Walker, Texas Ranger: Saving Grace " Sister Mary Grace
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: Inside Straight " Diana Blaine
Men Seeking Women Judy
"Das Leben und ich: The Double Lie " Kris
"Das Leben und ich: It's a Wonderful Night " T.V. Voice
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Murder on the Thirtieth Floor " Lori Graham
"Das Leben und ich: Class Pre-Union " TV Voice
"Mord ohne Spuren: Eleven Grains of Sand " Donna
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: Stand Up Guy " Missy Preston
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: Deja Vu " Missy Preston
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: Destiny Babes " Missy Preston
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: Hunka Hunka Bill and Ted " Missy Preston
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: It's a Totally Wonderful Life " Missy Preston
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: As the Dude Turns " Missy Preston
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures: Nail the Conquering Hero " Missy Preston
"Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert: The Vengeance Factor " Yuta
Nightmare 5 - Das Trauma Alice Johnson
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: That's What Friends Are For " Ellen
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: Dial M for Modem " Ellen
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: Giganticus II: The Revenge " Ellen
"Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: Birds Do It, Bees Do It " Ellen
Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Alice Johnson
"Hotel: Grand Designs " Donna Hayes
Der Besuch der reichen Witwe Bonnie
"It's a Living: Dot's Hope " Hope
"General Hospital" Kay (1987)
"MacGyver: Hell Week " Janet
"Mr. Belvedere: Triangle " Ellen Connors
"Valerie: Liars and Other Strangers " Candice Avery
"CBS Schoolbreak Special: Little Miss Perfect " Melissa Arrick
"You Again?: Marry Me a Little " Samantha Winslow
"Hardcastle und McCormick: You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're His " Sarah Jane Rose
Cheerballs Demons Dance Squad Member

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