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Title Name Role
"Baywatch - Die Rettungsschwimmer von Malibu: Stakeout at Surfrider Beach " Betty
Rohr Frei - Für Familie Hollowhead Karen Nelson
"Matlock: The Psychic " Marie Willis
"Wer ist hier der Boß?: A Jack Story " Judy
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Three Days of the Blender " Jane Miller
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Doom with a View " Sandra
"L.A. Law - Staranwälte, Tricks, Prozesse: Fifty Ways to Floss Your Lover " Dr. Jocelyn Pennebaker
"Mord ist ihr Hobby: Murder in a Minor Key " Reagan Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: The Avenging Angel " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Against All Oz " Jane Miller
"Love Boat: Miss Mom/Who's the Champ/Gopher's Delusion " Linda
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Center of Attention " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Once Upon a Night " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Grand Elusion " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Grand Theft Bunny " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Twin Engines " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Fumble on the One " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Steer Crazy " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Sonar... and Yet So Far " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Sort of Looking for Gina " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Lost Link " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Guess What's Coming to Dinner " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Your Place or Mayan " Jane Miller
"Die Spezialisten unterwegs: Deep Freeze " Jane Miller
"Die unglaublichen Geschichten von Roald Dahl: Nothin' Short of Highway Robbery " Marcie
"Ein Colt für alle Fälle: The Skip Family Robinson " Erica Robinson
"Webster: Runaway " Maggie Parker
"Knight Rider: K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R. " Mandy Moran
"Hawaiian Heat: Wave of Controversy " Jackie
Samson und Delilah Varinia
"Hart aber herzlich: Larsen's Last Jump " Pamela Braddon
"Ein Colt für alle Fälle: Olympic Quest " Colt Seavers' cousin, Tracy Seavers
Hobson's Choice Alice Hobson
"Fame: Rules " Lisa Connors
"Ein Duke kommt selten allein: A Boy's Best Friend " Mandy Jo
"Newhart: I Enjoy Being a Guy " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: You're Homebody 'til Somebody Loves You " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Heaven Knows Mr. Utley " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: The Boy Who Cried Goat " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: A View from the Bench " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Ricky Nelson, Up Your Nose " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Breakfast Theatre " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Hallmark Hall of Fame: Thursday's Child " Young Woman
"Newhart: What Is This Thing Called Lust? " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: The Visitors " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: The Way We Thought We Were " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Sprained Dreams " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: No Room at the Inn " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Some Are Born Writers... Others Have Writers Thrust Upon Them " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: The Perfect Match " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: No Tigers at the Circus " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: This Probably Is Condemned " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Shall We Gather at the River? " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Hail to the Councilman " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Newhart: Mrs. Newton's Body Lies A-Mould'ring in the Grave " Leslie Vanderkellen
"Die Zeitreisenden: Agents of Satan " Abiah Folger
"Simon und Simon: Art for Arthur's Sake " Julie Arthur
"Newhart: In the Beginning " Leslie Vanderkellen
Jager des Todlichen Jade Ann Davis
"Falcon Crest: Dark Journey " Diana Michaels
"Lou Grant: Friends " Noelle Kilmen
"Bosom Buddies: Other Than That, She's a Wonderful Person " Dana
"Boomer, der Streuner: The Prince and the Boomer " Vicki
"The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: What're Girls Like You Doing in a Bank Like This? " Jamie
Night Demon Mary
"Der unglaubliche Hulk: Goodbye, Eddie Cain " Vicki Lang
The Asphalt Cowboy Annie Van Heuran
"Quincy: The Winning Edge " Brenda Carmichael
"Barnaby Jones: Homecoming for a Dead Man " Kim Gibson
"Shirley: Hard Hat " Aline
"Der unglaubliche Hulk: Metamorphosis " Diane Markon
"Detektiv Rockford - Anruf genügt: Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job: Part 1 " Amy
"Detektiv Rockford - Anruf genügt: Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job: Part 2 " Amy

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