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Title Name Role
Immer Drama um Tamara Posh Hippy
England, My England Elizabeth Purcell
The Countess Alice Margot
"The Bill: Downtime " Susan White
"The Modern World: Ten Great Writers: James Joyce's 'Ulysses' " Bella Cohen
"Jim Bergerac ermittelt: Crossed Swords " Dolly Hayward
"Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part 2 " Belazs
"Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part 1 " Belazs
"Fortunes of War: The Middle East: January 1943 " Mona Castlebar
"Fortunes of War: Egypt: September 1942 " Mona Castlebar
"Lost Empires: Episode #1.7" Doris Tingley
"Lost Empires: Episode #1.6" Doris Tingley
"The Box of Delights: Leave Us Not Little, Nor Yet Dark " Sylvia Daisy Pouncer
"The Box of Delights: Beware of Yesterday " Sylvia Daisy Pouncer
"The Box of Delights: The Spider in the Web " Sylvia Daisy Pouncer
"The Box of Delights: In Darkest Cellars Underneath " Sylvia Daisy Pouncer
Der Sinn des Lebens Mrs. Williams
"Minder: Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore " Monica
Shock Treatment Dr. Nation McKinley
Hawk - Hüter des magischen Schwertes Woman, Sorceress
Verrat in Belfast Siobhan
"Gefrier-Schocker: Witching Time " Lucinda Jessop
"Fox: Arched Fingers for Bach, Flat Fingers for Love " Liz
"Fox: King Billy " Liz
"Die unglaublichen Geschichten von Roald Dahl: The Stinker " Phyl Tinker
"Premiere: Deasey " Deirdre
Clouds of Glory: William and Dorothy Annette Vallo
"Die Profis: Look After Annie " Isla
A Christmas Carol Ghost of Christmas Past
"Leap in the Dark: Parlour Games " Rosalind Toynbee
Sebastiane Emperor's guest
"Hallmark Hall of Fame: Beauty and the Beast " Susan
"I, Claudius: Reign of Terror " Livilla
"I, Claudius: Queen of Heaven " Livilla
"I, Claudius: Poison Is Queen " Livilla
"Well Anyway: All the Same " Tessa
"I, Claudius: What Shall We Do About Claudius? " Livilla
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Magenta - A Domestic
"The Love School: Beata Beatrix " Lizzie Siddall
"The Love School: Remember Me " Lizzie Siddall
"The Love School: The Brotherhood " Lizzie Siddall
Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall 2nd Girl at Dance
"Shoulder to Shoulder: Sylvia Pankhurst " Christabel Pankhurst
"Shoulder to Shoulder: Outrage " Christabel Pankhurst
"Shoulder to Shoulder: Christabel Pankhurst " Christabel Pankhurst
"Shoulder to Shoulder: Lady Constance Lytton " Christabel Pankhurst
"Shoulder to Shoulder: Annie Kenney " Christabel Pankhurst
"Shoulder to Shoulder: The Pankhursts " Christabel Pankhurst
"Armchair Theatre: That Sinking Feeling " Maggie - bridesmaid
"The Fenn Street Gang: The Left Hand Path " Rona
"ITV Saturday Night Theatre: Ted " Cynthia
"Villains: Grass " Dorothy
"Van der Valk: Destroying Angel " Yvonne
The Alf Garnett Saga Jim's Girlfriend
Rentadick Chauffeuse
Kommandosache 'Nackter Po' Magda, Mata Hari's maid
Runter mit dem Keuschheitsgürtel Wife
"Parkin's Patch: Dead or Alive? " Sylvia

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