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Title Name Role
"White Heat" Lilly
Breaking Dawn - Bis zum Ende der Nacht - Teil 2 Tanya
Breaking Dawn - Bis zum Ende der Nacht - Teil 1 Tanya
Super Eruption Claire
Kill List Shel
Way of the Morris Voice of the Will-O'-Wisps
Au Revoir Monkeys Anna
"Any Human Heart: Episode #1.4" Ingeborg
"George Gently - Der Unbestechliche: Peace & Love " Adriana Doyle
Halbherzig Lauren
Devil's Playground Angela
Witchville Jozefa
"Comedy Lab: Filth " Inga
The Descent: Part 2 Sam
City Rats Sammy
Lesbian Vampire Killers Lotte
"The Wrong Door: The Wrong Door: Best Bits" Various
Credo Alice
"The Wrong Door: The World's Most Annoying Creature " Various
Freakdog Shelby
"Barnaby: Midsomer Life " Mandy
Doomsday - Tag der Rache Cally
"The Bill: Stealth Attack " Kim Heyes
English Language Esther
Grindhouse Featured Woman (segment "Don't")
Das Omen Tabloid Reporter #2
"Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet " Scooti Manista
The Descent - Abgrund des Grauens Sam
"Casualty: Past Imperfect " Kirsty Morrison
"Murder Prevention: Last Man Out: Part 1 " Michelle Wynne

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