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Title Name Role
"Fantasy Island: Tattoo's Romance/Handy Man " Mona Traylor
"Fantasy Island: The Stripper/The Boxer " Betty
"McMillan & Wife: Love, Honor and Swindle " Stripper
Sixteen Carmelita
Invasion of the Bee Girls Harriet Williams
"Barnaby Jones: See Some Evil, Do Some Evil " Gloria
"Twen-Police: Don't Kill My Child " Wanda
Hilfe, ich habe Erfolg! Miss Beverly Hills
"Notruf California: Mascot " Holly
Der Cowboy Dora Mae
"The Red Skelton Show: Hiring the Secretary " Secretarial Applicant
"The Red Skelton Show: San Fernando's Spy School or How to Make a Possible Mission Impossible " Supporting Player
"The Red Skelton Show: Alaska or an Icicle Built for Two " Eskimo Girl
"The Red Skelton Show: The Emergency Case or See Your Doctor Once a Year Even If It Kills You " Pretty Nurse/Olio Spot
Angel in My Pocket Charlene De Gaulle
Killer Cain Sheree
"The Red Skelton Show: While Trying to Win the West, He Lost the East " Jim's Girlfriend
"The Red Skelton Show: Episode #18.9" Supporting Player
Bullen - Wie lange wollt ihr leben? Clinger's Receptionist
"The Red Skelton Show: Episode #18.6" Supporting Player
"The Red Skelton Show: Cauliflower Fiddles While Bolivar Burns " Kidnapped Girl/Olio Spot
Speedway Mary Ann
Die sechs Verdächtigen Sylvia, party girl
"The Red Skelton Show: Sheriffs Are Bought, Not Made " Candy Maker
Brides of Blood Carla Henderson
"High Chaparral: The Filibusteros " Lily
Duell der Gringos Saloon Hostess
"Perry Mason: The Case of the Twice Told Twist " Sue
Tod in Hollywood Orgy Dancer
Schweden - Nur der Liebe wegen Electra
Young Dillinger Floyd's girl
"Summer Playhouse: The Apartment House" Diane
Prinzgemahl im weißen Haus Nana Peel - Stripper
Tolle Nächte in Las Vegas Showgirl
Die wilden Weiber von Tennessee Trudy
"Auf der Flucht: Where the Action Is " Stripper
Komödie des Grauens Mrs. Phipps
Tu das nicht, Angelika Girl with Dion
"Chicago 1930: The Maggie Storm Story " Waitress
Frühstück bei Tiffany Nightclub Stripper
"Thriller: Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper " Miss Beverly Hills

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