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Title Name Role
Brothers in Arms Kelly Hall
Joe Jedermann Abby Manheim
The Expendables Nicoline
"Oh, Grow Up: Pilot " Doris
"Profiler: Spree of Love " Josie Wells
"Timecop: The Future, Jack, the Future " Off. Claire Hemmings
"Timecop: D.O.A. " Off. Claire Hemmings
"Timecop: Lost Voyage " Off. Claire Hemmings
"Timecop: Alternate World " Off. Claire Hemmings
The Advanced Guard Charley, Alien
"Timecop: Stalker " Off. Claire Hemmings
"Timecop: The Heist " Off. Claire Hemmings
Flucht ohne Wiederkehr Carrie Miller
"Ein Single kommt immer allein: The Virgin " Kari
Underworld Julianne
Intimate Betrayal Shelley
"Geschichten aus der Gruft: 99 & 44/100 Pure Horror " Willa Sandleton
Ninas Lover Friend
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine News Anchor
Angriff der 20-Meter-Frau Louise 'Honey' Parker
Ehemänner und Ehefrauen Shawn Grainger - Call Girl
Batmans Rückkehr Ice Princess
Kampf um Georgia Charlene Joiner
Doc Hollywood Receptionist at Halberstrom Clinic
"Harrys wundersames Strafgericht: When Harry Met Margaret " Woman
Die Kinder der Braut Lydia

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