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Title Name Role
Darkness Joshua
Indie Jonesing Madeline
"Endgame: Deadman Talking " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Polar Opposites " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Mr. Black " Pippa Venturi
Wannabe Macks Mia
"Endgame: Bless This Union " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Huxley, We Have a Problem " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: The White Queen " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Gorillas in our Midst " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Fearful Symmetry " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: I Killed Her " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: The Other Side of Summer " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: The Caffeine Hit " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Turkish Hold'em " Pippa Venturi
"Endgame: Opening Moves " Pippa Venturi
Goodnight for Justice Ms. Landry
Super Hybrid Maria
Confined Eva Peyton
Freshman Father Michelle
Frankie & Alice Tina
"Always a Bridesmaid: Two to Tango " Carla
Christmas Crash Amanda Johnson
American Pie präsentiert: Das Buch der Liebe Dana
"The Assistants: The Wrap Party " Sandra
"The Assistants: The Addiction " Sandra
"The Assistants: The Pen " Sandra
"The Assistants: The Morning After " Sandra
"The Assistants: The Premiere " Sandra
"The Assistants: The Car " Sandra
Angel and the Bad Man Sandy Johnson
Dancing Trees Penny
"The Assistants" Sandra (2008)
"Aliens in America: Wake at the Lake " Alicia
"Aliens in America: Hunting " Alicia
Sweet Amerika Maria
Postal: Der Film Nasira
"Painkiller Jane: Ghost in the Machine " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Portraits of Lauren Gray " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Trial by Fire " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Friendly Fire " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Higher Court " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Breakdown " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Catch Me If You Can " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Piece of Mind " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Toy Soldiers " Amanda Worth
"Painkiller Jane: Pilot " Amanda Worth
"Intelligence: Love and War " Casey Whelan
"Intelligence: Jimmy's Got a Money Machine " Casey Whelan
"Intelligence: Don't Break Your Brother's Heart " Casey Whelan
"Intelligence: A Champagne Payday " Casey Whelan
"Blade - Die Jagd geht weiter: Hunters " Jennifer
"Saved: A Day in the Life " Marisa
"Godiva's: The Tempting Spice " Ashlee
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Shadow " Meredith Mcdonell
Intelligence Casey Whelan
"Killer Instinct: Die Like an Egyptian " Maureen
Dark Room Debbie
"Smallville: Spell " Brianna Withridge
"Cold Squad: Killing Time " Young Hooker

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