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Title Name Role
Breakfast of Champions - Frühstück für Helden Beatrice Keedsler
Dark Horse Officer Ross
Wale im August Young Tisha
"Schatten der Leidenschaft: Episode #1.3440" Connie
"Schatten der Leidenschaft: Episode #1.3438" Connie
"Schatten der Leidenschaft: Episode #1.3435" Connie
"Schatten der Leidenschaft: Episode #1.3415" Operator
"Drei Engel für Charlie: Angel on the Line " Mary
Die Nacht des Hexenjägers Karen Graham
"Drei Engel für Charlie: Caged Angel " Singer
In the Glitter Palace Grace Mayo
"McMillan & Wife: Coffee, Tea, or Cyanide? " Anna Meridio
"Make-Up und Pistolen: Bait " Celia
"Serpico: Strike! " Jenny
Der Mörder in mir Amy Stanton
Kiss Me, Kill Me Maureen Coyle
Bad Blues Girls Sheba - 1932
"Caribe: The Assassin " Sue Mallory
Betrayal Gretchen Addison aka Adele Murphy
"Wide World Mystery: Death Is a Bad Trip" Kimberly
"The New Perry Mason: The Case of the Jailed Justice " Susan
"Columbo: Candidate for Crime " Linda Johnson
"Hawaii Fünf-Null: Little Girl Blue " Eadie Scott
Snatched Robin Wood
"Der Chef: Who'll Cry for My Baby " Wanda Bolen
"Night Gallery: The Return of the Sorcerer " Fern
"Medical Center: Confession " Dr. Maggie Craig
"The Sixth Sense: Lady, Lady Take My Life" Fern
"The Sixth Sense: Lady, Lady, Take My Life " Annette Gordon
Another Part of the Forest Birdie
A Death of Innocence Buffie Cameron
The Sandpit Generals Dora
"Ohne Furcht und Sattel: Powderkeg " Beth Parkinson
"Die Leute von der Shiloh Ranch: Flight from Memory " Melissa
"Insight: A Man Called Don" Mary
"The Bold Ones: The Lawyers: The Hyland Confession " Joyce Hyland
Powderkeg Beth Parkinson
"The Immortal: Paradise Bay " Julie/Nancy Dudley
Norwood Marie
Night Slaves Annie Fletcher/Naillil
"The Bold Ones: The New Doctors: This Will Really Kill You " Joan
"Insight: Exit" Mary
"The Bold Ones: The New Doctors: What's the Price of a Pair of Eyes? " Casey Woods
"The Name of the Game: The Bobby Currier Story " Alice Ward
"The Name of the Game: Love-In at Ground Zero " Niobe Redsmith
Coogans großer Bluff Linny Raven
Journey to Shiloh Airybelle Sumner
The Name of the Game Is Kill Nan Terry
"Ihr Auftritt, Al Mundy: Birds of a Feather " Madame Trish Marku
"Bonanza: Star Crossed " Laura Jean Pollard
"Wettlauf mit dem Tod: It Could Only Happen in Rome " Tia
"The Road West: Eleven Miles to Eden " Tassie
"Get Smart: The Girls from KAOS " Miss U.S.A.
"T.H.E. Cat - Artist und Detektiv: Curtains for Miss Winslow " Phoebe
"Batman: Ma Parker " Legs Parker
"Batman: The Greatest Mother of Them All " Legs Parker
"Vacation Playhouse: Frank Merriwell " Elsie Stanhope
"Slattery's People: Of Damon, Pythias and Sleeping Dogs " Cindy Markham
Village of the Giants Jean
"The Long, Hot Summer: A Stranger to the House " Susan Beauchamp
"The Long, Hot Summer: A Time for Living " Susan Beauchamp
"Mutter ist die Allerbeste: Pop Goes Theresa " Teresa
"The Long, Hot Summer: The Homecoming " Susan Beauchamp
"Mr. Novak: The Firebrand " Myra
"Dr. Kildare: Lullaby for an Indian Summer " Sheila Winfield
"Alfred Hitchcock zeigt: Change of Address " Rachel
"The Ann Sothern Show: Loving Arms " Girl

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