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Title Name Role
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Mystery Spot " Dexter Hasselback's Daughter
"Intelligence: A Man and a Woman Betrayed " Gloria
"Intelligence: A Man Underground " Gloria
"Intelligence: A Man Escapes " Gloria
"Intelligence: Down But Not Out " Gloria
"Intelligence: Not a Nice Boy! " Gloria
Dragon Boys Trichia
"Blade - Die Jagd geht weiter: Hunters " Nicki
She's the Man - Voll mein Typ Cheerleader
"The Collector: The Watchmaker " Receptionist
"Masters of Horror: Chocolate " Sue
"Smallville: Exposed " Dixie the Cowgirl
Kifferwahn Female Dancer
"Dead like me - So gut wie tot: Ghost Story " Chloe Sugarman
"Touching Evil: K " Student #4
"Dead Zone: The Storm " Goth Girl
"Da Vinci's Inquest: You Got Monkey Chatter " Brandy
"Da Vinci's Inquest: The Ducks Are Too Depressing " Brandy
"Da Vinci's Inquest: For Just Bein' Indian " Brandy
"Der Fall John Doe!: Tone Dead " Club Kid

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