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Title Name Role
"Hiccups: Flirt Locker " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Novel Idea " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Hypnofish " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Commercial Success " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Gym Dandy " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Talking Points " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Hollywood Make Up " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Wake the Baby " Crystal Braywood
Repeaters Jumper
"Hiccups: You Shmooze, You Lose " Crystal Braywood
Blood: A Butcher's Tale Goth Chick
"Hiccups: Dream Gig " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Autograph Hound " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Model Patient " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Hippy Anniversary " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Watch and Learn " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Thanks for Nuttin' " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Carry on Camping " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Hot Luv " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Speed Ball " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Office Clothes " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Strata's Fear " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Millie Meet Stan " Crystal Braywood
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: The Real Ghostbusters " Becky Rosen
"Supernatural - Zur Hölle mit dem Bösen: Sympathy for the Devil " Becky Rosen
Another Cinderella Story Britt
"Aliens in America: Church " Brenda
Juno Punk Receptionist
She's the Man - Voll mein Typ Eunice
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Must Be a Night for Fires " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: A Delicate Bloodbath " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Ride a Crippled Horse " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: The Ol' Coco Bop " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: First the Seducing Then the Screwing " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: You Promised Me a Celebrity " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: That's Why They Call It a Conspiracy " Sue Lewis
"Dead like me - So gut wie tot: Haunted " Josie Feldman
"Da Vinci's Inquest: That Sounds Like What We Call a Mutiny " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Wash the Blood Out of the Ring " Sue Lewis
Ginger Snaps III: Der Anfang Brigitte
"Da Vinci's Inquest: A Man When He's Down " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Seven Tentacles " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Okay It's Official " Sue Lewis
Ginger snaps II: Entfesselt Brigitte Fitzgerald
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Out of the Bag and All Over the Street " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Can Bend, But I Won't Break " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Twenty Five Dollar Conversation " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Iffy Areas Around the Edges " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Bury My Own Bones " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Everybody Needs a Working Girl " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: The Ducks Are Too Depressing " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Dogs Don't Bite People " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Doing the Chicken Scratch " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Dizzy Looking Down " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: At First It Was Funny " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Run by the Monkeys " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Ass Covering Day " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: A Big Whiff of a Real Bad Smell " Sue Lewis
"Twilight Zone: Night Route " Dina
Insomnia - Schlaflos Girl at Funeral
"Da Vinci's Inquest: In the Bear Pit " Sue Lewis
"Mentors: Transition " Mary Shelley
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Sixes and Sevens " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Shoulda Been a Priest " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Birds Have Been at Her " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Ugly Quick " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Cheap Aftershave " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Banging on the Wall " Sue Lewis
"Da Vinci's Inquest: Oppenheimer Park " Sue Lewis
Prozac Nation Ellen
"Christy, Choices of the Heart, Part II: A New Beginning: A New Beginning " Zady Spencer
"Christy, Choices of the Heart, Part II: A New Beginning: A Change of Seasons " Zady Spencer
Christy: The Movie Zady Spencer
Ginger Snaps Brigitte
"Da Vinci's Inquest: The Most Dangerous Time " Carmen
"Akte X - Die unheimlichen Fälle des FBI: All Souls " Dara Kernoff/Paula Koklos/Roberta Dyer
Kaltblütig Kathy Ewalt
Todesschwadron aus der Zukunft Karen 'Shy Girl' Daniels
Gerechtigkeit für meinen Sohn Suzanne Stevens
Die Frau am Abgrund Abby
Erdbeben in der Bucht von San Francisco Desiree Helm
"The Odyssey: Welcome to the Tower " Tower Council Member
"Mom P.I.: 1 for You, 19 for Me " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: A Fist of Fate " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: A Fugue for Mr. X " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Bad to Be Born " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Cash and Money " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Dig That Grave " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: I.O.U. " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Night Train " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Repo Ride " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Safe at Home " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: The Shadows " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Through a Door Quickly " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Time Wounds All Heels " Marie Sullivan
ES Beverly Marsh - Age 12
"Mom P.I.: Career Moves " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: When Sally Met Bernie " Marie Sullivan
Auf Leben und Tod Krista
"Mom P.I.: Beneath the Pacific " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Blue Christmas " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Brendan Be Gone " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Duck Flambe " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Gumshoe " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Looking for a Living " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Murder Maybe " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Over the Edge " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Return to Sender " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Spinal Trap " Marie Sullivan
"Mom P.I.: Undue Influence " Marie Sullivan
Blick in den Abgrund Karen Downs
"Danger Bay: Up the Coast " Shannon Darcus
Little Golden Book Land Katy Caboose
"Hiccups: Car Pool " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Home Swapping " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Moving Pictures " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Sexual Healing " Crystal Braywood
"Hiccups: Welcome Back Potter " Crystal Braywood

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