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Title Name Role
Trial by Jury Jane Lyle, Juror
Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills Leslie Abramson
Die Indianer von Cleveland II Rachel Phelps
Der Mann ohne Gesicht Catherine Palin
"Cutters: Hi There, Sports Fans " Adrienne St. John
"Cutters: Harry's Best Friend " Adrienne St. John
"Cutters: Give 'Til It Hurts " Adrienne St. John
"Cutters: Where's Harry? " Adrienne St. John
"Cutters: Pilot " Adrienne St. John
Familienstreß Melinda
"Good & Evil: Episode #1.6" Genevieve
"Good & Evil: Episode #1.5" Genevieve
"Good & Evil: Episode #1.4" Genevieve
"Good & Evil: Episode #1.3" Genevieve
"Good & Evil: Episode #1.2" Genevieve
"Good & Evil: Pilot " Genevieve
The Summer My Father Grew Up Naomi
Kojak: None So Blind Michele Hogarth
Kleine Monster Holly Stevenson
"A Fine Romance: A Yank and the RAF" Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: The Day of the Third Wrong Thin Woman Who Knew All Too Much About Eve" Louisa Phillips
Die Indianer von Cleveland Rachel Phelps
"A Fine Romance: It's Just the Gypsy in My Soul " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: Below Suspicion " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: Absence of Chalice " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: A Horse Is a Horse, of Course, of Course " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: Pilot " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: The Tomas Crown Affair" Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks " Louise Phillips
"Spenser: Substantial Justice " Janet Cole
Wolfsmilch Katrina Dougherty
"Tales from the Darkside: Mary, Mary " Mary Jones
Baby Boom - Eine schöne Bescherung Executive in Conference Room
Das Geheimnis meines Erfolges Vera Prescott
Cat & Mousse Miriam
"Spenser: Widow's Walk " Ellen Calone
9 1/2 Wochen Molly
Rocket Man - Der Beste aller Zeiten Darla
"Hometown: Fading Away Jump Shots " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Ben the Candidate " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Nobody's Perfect " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Mary's Yen " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Paternity " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Weekend in New York " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Peter's Play " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Joey's Ex-Wife " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Divorce Party " Barbara Donnelly
"Hometown: Pilot " Barbara Donnelly
"Miami Vice: Glades " Cassie Bramlette
Liebe hinter Gittern Jacki Steinberg
National Lampoon's Movie Madness First Lady Lousille Fogerty - 'Success Wanters'
"The Doctors" Joan Dancy (1976)
Teenage Hitchhikers Sola Alcoa
The Line - Tausend Meilen bis zur Hölle Jane
"A Fine Romance: Desperately Seeking Louisa " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: Double Indignity " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: School Daze " Louisa Phillips
"A Fine Romance: South by Southeast" Louisa Phillips

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