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Title Name Role
Female Fever Ruth
Vergeltung in Nemo Town Woman of the Town
"Der Chef: The Return of Eleanor Rogers " Hooker
Tonite... I Love You Lou Ann
Die Letzten beißen die Hunde Suburban Housewife
"Police Story: Death on Credit " Girl #2
Bonnie's Kids Paula Clark
Prison Girls Phyllis
"Mannix: The Crimson Halo " Nurse
Ein mörderisches Team Charlene
Gabriela - Blutjung und unbefriedigt Carol, the underground filmmaker
Stand Up and Be Counted Minor Role
"Cannon: The Torch " Elaine McMahon
Bunny und Bill Ad's Girlfriend #3
"Der Chef: Walls Are Waiting " Dr. Ellis
"Adam-12: Log 106: Post Time " Heather Braun
Matinee Wives Kay Gavin
Dandy Ruth
"Der Chef: The People Against Judge McIntire " Registration Clerk
Weekend with the Babysitter Mona Carlton
Divorce Las Vegas Style Sally
Miss Nymphet's Zap-In Pregnant Girl's Mother/Various
The Dark Side of Tomorrow Producer's Wife
Porno-Reise zur Sex-Göttin Doris Matthews
The Affairs of Aphrodite Sappho
How to Succeed with Sex Peggy
The Psycho Lover Pamela
"Kobra, übernehmen Sie: Death Squad " Louisa
Marsha: The Erotic Housewife Natalie
The Joys of Jezebel Jezebel
The Tale of the Dean's Wife Grace Walker
"Daniel Boone: Three Score and Ten " Beulah

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