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Title Name Role
2012: Ice Age Teri Hart
A Letter to Dad Annie
Jack Rio Red Carpet Hostess
West from North Goes South Dream girl
"Black Scorpion: Life's a Gas " Dr. Ariel Haze/Pollutia
Intrepid - Helden einer Katastrophe Cruise Director Shannon
"Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin: A Vanishing Art " Erica, The Erotic
Me and Will Stacey
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: Reckoning " Carol Best
"Pacific Blue - Die Strandpolizei: The Right Thing " Carol Best
Breast Men 1970's Head Receptionist
Countdown Las Vegas Ginger
"High Tide - Ein cooles Duo: A Stitch in Time " Meg Kelsey
"High Tide - Ein cooles Duo: Goodbye, Mr. Chip " Meg Kelsey
Echo of Blue Kathleen Randolph
"Ein Witzbold namens Carey: Drew Meets Lawyers " Peaches
"Ein Witzbold namens Carey: Miss Right " Peaches
"Robins Club: The Last Seduction " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Advise & Consent " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Deja Vu " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: The Heartbreaker " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Labors of Love " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: If Looks Could Kill " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Seems Like Old Times " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Rock and a Hard Place " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Hell Hath No Fury " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Reunion " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Bad Girl " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Country Comfort " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Unto Thyself Be True " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Eddie & Annie " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: The Pawn " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Double or Nothing " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Kidnapped Boyfriend " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Old Friends, Dead Ends " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: To Heir Is Human " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: Memories Are Made of This " Stacey Wright
"Robins Club: New Beginnings " Stacey Wright
In the Living Years Annie
"Robins Club: Episode #1.9" Stacey Wright
The St. Tammany Miracle Kimberly
Arly Hanks Jay-Lee
The Baby Doll Murders Betty Maglia
Chaos in Palm Springs Lucille Johnson
"Drexell's Class: My Own Private Iowa " School Secretary
"Bigfoot und die Hendersons: The Love Mask " Uma
"Drexell's Class: Misery Loves Drexell " Rosie
"Drexell's Class: Otis' Last Day " Rosie
"Jake und McCabe - Durch dick und dünn: It's a Sin to Tell a Lie " Darcy Warren
"The Munsters Today: Lotsa Luck " Stephanie
"Beverly Hills, 90210: Slumber Party " Trina
Revenge of the Nerds Cheerleader
"Unser lautes Heim: Mike, Kate and Julie " Julie Costello
Gegen ihren Willen Claire Sugarman
"Golden Girls: Mary Has a Little Lamb " Mary
"Unser lautes Heim: Mike and Julie's Wedding " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: Anger with Love " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: The Looooove Boat: Part 2 " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: The Looooove Boat: Part 1 " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: Show Ninety: Who Knew? " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: Double Standard " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: Anniversary from Hell " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: Mandingo " Julie Costello
"Unser lautes Heim: The Nanny " Julie Costello
"Superboy: A Kind of Princess " Sara Danner
Der Blob Susie
"California Cops: The Brink of Death " Tracy - stuart's girlfriend
Big Bad Mama II Polly McClatchie
"Wer ist hier der Boß?: The Way We Was " Beautiful Girl

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