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Title Name Role
Mental Shaz
Fright Night Jane Brewster
Foster Zooey
"Taras Welten: The Good Parts " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: Crunchy Ice " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: Train Wreck " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Bryce Will Play " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: Chicken 'n' Corn " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: The Road to Hell Is Paved with Breast Intentions " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: Wheels " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: The Full F**k You Finger " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Crackerjack " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: ...youwillnotwin... " Tara Gregson
"The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch" Narrator
Jesus Henry Christ Patricia Herman
"Taras Welten: From This Day Forward " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: To Have and to Hold " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Open House " Tara Gregor
"Taras Welten: The Family Portrait " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Explosive Diorama " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Dept. of F'd Up Family Services " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Tornado " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Doin' Time " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: You Becoming You " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: The Truth Hurts " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Trouble Junction " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Yes " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Miracle " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Snow " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Betrayal " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Possibility " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Abundance " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Alterations " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Transition " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Revolution " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Inspiration " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Work " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Aftermath " Tara Gregson
"Taras Welten: Pilot " Tara Gregson
Mary and Max Mary Daisy Dinkle
Hey Hey, hier Esther Blueburger Mary
The Black Balloon Maggie Mollison
Nothing Is Private Melina Hines
Spuren eines Lebens Nina Mars
Tsunami - Die Killerwelle Kathy Graham
The Dead Girl Arden
Verwandte Seelen Sally
The Night Listener - Der nächtliche Lauscher Donna D. Logand
Little Miss Sunshine Sheryl Hoover
In den Schuhen meiner Schwester Rose
The Last Shot Emily French
Connie and Carla Carla
Backstage with Connie and Carla Carla
Japanese Story Sandy Edwards
The Hours - Von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit Kitty
Dirty Deeds Sharon Ryan
About a Boy oder: Der Tag der toten Ente Fiona
Spurwechsel Michelle
Abendessen mit Freunden Beth
The Magic Pudding Meg Bluegum
Hotel Splendide Kath
Shaft - Noch Fragen? Diane Palmieri
Sixth Sense Lynn Sear
8 ½ Women Griselda/Sister Concordia
Velvet Goldmine Mandy Slade
The Boys Michelle
Diana & ich Diana Spencer
Die James Gang Julia Armstrong
Clockwatchers Iris Chapman
Jane Austens Emma Harriet Smith
Lilian's Story Young Lilian Singer
Der Zufallslover Cynthia
Cosi Julie
This Marching Girl Thing Cindy
Muriels Hochzeit Muriel Heslop
The Princess and the Cobbler Nurse/Mad Holy Old Witch (Miramax version)
Ein Manager mit Herz Wendy Robinson
"A Country Practice: The Sting: Part 1 " Tracy

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